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World Pharma is an online pharmacy that existed from August of 2009 up to the early months of 2017. It is not an ordinary online drugstore as it provides its customers with a selection of drugs which also included products for muscle enhancement such as steroids. It’s not clear which of the two product types is World Pharma prioritizing; whether its pharmaceutical product selection or its bodybuilding meds. Either way, World Pharma was a success back on its glory days but the site is no longer available as it has closed down for unknown reasons. Unlike other online pharmacies which have closed down, World Pharma has left a notice on their website before they completely terminated their operations:

World Pharma Closing Notice
World Pharma Closing Notice

The reason that World Pharma gave for closing down was that they felt that it’s time for trying out other business opportunities. This is kind of absurd for a reason because they have also mentioned on this notice that they had years of fruitful business. The site was obviously not being transparent with its customers as there are certainly deeper reasons why they are shutting their operations down.

One of the possible reasons why World Pharma decided to close down is because it was forcefully closed down. World Pharma was an online pharmacy with terrific prices for its products back in the day and it has started to draw customers away from the large drugstore chains. In a bid to get their customers back, these large companies have started a campaign to terminate the operations of online pharmacies like World Pharma with the help of the FDA. Since these companies are much more powerful, small sites would have no other option but to concede and fold under the pressure. Another likely reason for the site’s closure is because it may have been involved in fraudulent activities such as scams and non-deliveries and those clients may have complained to higher authorities to have the site seized. But this is simply a theory on why World Pharma is no longer available as no one really knows why it’s disappeared.

When World Pharma was still in operation, customers who wished to purchase from its selection of products had to register for an account on its website. Anonymous or guest purchases were not allowed on its site and it’s mandatory for all the customers to sign-up for a store account that they should log on to whenever they will be buying their meds. On one hand, it was also beneficial to the customers as their history of purchases will be saved. No longer will they have to look their meds up again, making reorders easier. Whether prescriptions are required in buying drugs from its site or not, nothing is mentioned on the site World Pharma. But we have a reason to believe that no prescriptions are required from its customers as World Pharma is not a site that has adopted the policies of local drugstores when it comes to selling prescription drugs.

All major credit and debit card payments were accepted at World Pharma but it had a rule where customers using cards can only make a maximum purchase of $600 USD per week. No explanation was offered by the site regarding this policy of theirs but their preferred payment methods are through Western Union and MoneyGram. For orders whose destinations are to Europe, World Pharma guarantees delivery within just 3 to 4 days. For any other locations around the world, the delivery time that it offers is only within 7 to 9 days. The privacy of their customers are also protected as World Pharma ships their meds on packages with no distinct markings and only the customers will know what the content of their packs are. Reviews

Third-party user reviews for World Pharma have already become scarce considering that the site is already non-existent. The only reviews that we can obtain are the ones which are from its site but these reviews are not that reliable since there’s a big chance that these were only fabricated by the site and not from genuine customers. As readers will notice, these user reviews are exceedingly positive.

World Pharma User Reviews
World Pharma User Reviews

The first review was given by a customer of World Pharma named Chris. Chris thanks the store for the fast shipping of his orders as well as the effectiveness of its products and its reliable customer service. He also adds that he always gets more than what he pays for at World Pharma and therefore it will be his only online pharmacy.

A Mr. Steven also gave his review for World Pharma, commending its great products and prompt delivery service as he got his orders within just 5 days.

Commending the quality of medicines sold by World Pharma, a customer named Terry also praises the store’s low prices, discreet packaging of orders, and the dependability of its customer service department.

The next review for World Pharma was from a guy named Mickey who attests that the site was legit. He says that he’s already made orders from the site before and always got them. Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews for World Pharma are already from years ago such as the reviews earlier which were made back in 2015. The site of World Pharma itself is no longer accessible and visiting its domain name on the web will just show a blank page to the visitors. It’s just a huge loss to many of its clients as World Pharma used to be one of the online sources with the cheapest products. Coupon Codes

World Pharma VIP Discounts
World Pharma VIP Discounts

World Pharma offered special privileges to its customers who have availed its VIP membership. The average customers will only see the regular prices on its site but its VIPs will have access to a selection with prices which are 40% to 60% cheaper.


World Pharma was a steroid and medicine source on the web whose operations were already terminated due to unknown reasons. It used to have a lot of customers due to the affordable prices of its products but it’s already been closed for years. Buyers can instead check our top list of recommended pharmacies for more options.

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