Review – Cheap Prescription Medicine Source Is Closed Review – Cheap Prescription Medicine Source Is Closed was an online pharmacy that provided customers with cheaper options for their prescription medicine needs. Its purpose as a site was to be an alternative source of effective medicines to the customers due to the costly drug prices at the local drugstores. As an online pharmacy, catered to customers from all over the world but due to the expensive drug costs in the United States, most of their customers were Americans. As for’s country of origin, nothing was mentioned on its website but there’s a possibility that it was a Canadian online pharmacy due to their quick delivery time to the US. It only required a waiting period of 10 business days to its US clients as it sent the orders through Registered Air Mail. If had an express or expedited delivery service, no mention was made on its website. But since only Registered Air Mail was the only means that is offered on its site, it’s likely that it’s the only shipping service that was available to

Regrettably, is no longer in operation and its site is now inaccessible. As for the reason why the site has closed down, no mention or notice was found on its page that could’ve given its clients a heads-up that it will no longer be available. This came as a big disappointment to many of its customers but there was nothing more that can be done. People suspect that the closing down of has something to do with the campaign initiated by the corporate drugstore chains to shutdown the independent online pharmacies which are pharmacy stores that sell cheaper meds to customers.

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The savings that were offered by to its customers is big. Its meds were 70% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. Almost all online pharmacies have the same low prices which drew people away from buying their drugs locally as they saved more money by getting their meds online. This became a disadvantage to the large drugstore chains as it was loss of profit on their part. So what these companies did was they launched a drive to close these sites down. And their efforts were a huge success, they managed to close down many online pharmacies and may have been one of them. This could be the reason why no longer exists or it could also be due to an unresolved internal issue that led its administrators to close the site down. No one really knows for sure what the real reasons were behind’s disappearance from the web, leaving all the possibilities to speculation.

When the site was still available and sold various pharmaceutical products, it had a huge range of medicines for its clients to choose from. Its assortment of drugs may not be as huge as what the local pharmacies had but it has the most-frequently bought medicines on the market. sold erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs like Viagra, pain relief meds, weight loss medications, antibiotics, antidepressants, cancer treatment drugs, diabetes meds, skin care products, HIV suppressing drugs, hormones, and many others. Customers who ordered from were required to provide prescriptions and without scripts, they weren’t allowed to purchase their prescription medicines. The prescriptions were sent by its customers through fax and its fax number was +1 800 876 0247. also offered a customer service hotline for its clients who had questions about its products or about its site. The number that has provided for customer support was +1 866 978 4944 and it was not available 24/7. Its fax line and its landline were only open 7 AM to 9 PM EST during weekdays and 9 AM to 5 PM during weekends. Reviews

User reviews help potential customers greatly in knowing what kind of online pharmacy they would be dealing with even before they make a transaction. The testimonials provided by the customers before them is like a window to understanding the pharmacy itself on how it works or how it treats its customers. Good online pharmacies receive good reviews as a reflection of their reliable service. On the other hand, pharmacy sites that have poor service get negative reviews that make their reputations even worse. But as for, there no reviews that exist for the site be it a website review or a user review which means that there would be no way for us to know what kind of online pharmacy it really is. Maybe it’s because the site has already been closed for a long time and the third-party sites where reviews for it were no longer available. It’s also unfortunate that don’t have a testimonials or reviews section on its page where customers could leave behind reviews for the service that they have received from the site. That section would’ve at least helped us see what its customers think of it and let us know of their experiences. Reviews 2018 didn’t have any reviews then and all the more that the site won’t have any reviews now. The reviews from customers that have bought meds from it could’ve been very helpful to at least give us a glimpse on what the buyers have to say about its products or its services. But since there’s none, we could only speculate. Coupon Codes

World-drugs Free Shipping

On top of the affordable medicine prices that had, it also offered free shipping to all of its customers’ orders. Regardless of the amount of medicines that the customers will purchase, they will have their purchases shipped free of any delivery fees which is additional savings on their end.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered medicines at affordable prices and even offered the delivery of their customer’s orders free of charge. But the site is no longer available as it has already been closed for a long time. It also had no user reviews available which means that we have no way of knowing how it really performed as an online pharmacy in the eyes of its customers. But for other available online pharmacy options, buyers can check our top recommended providers.

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