What natural Remedies to Lower Blood Sugar can You Use?

Keeping your blood sugar at a low level is very important for your health, because when it gets high, it can lead to inflammation and even destroy the surrounding tissue. People with hyperglycemia and those suffering from diabetes are always advised to keep their sugar intake in check and to maintain their blood sugar levels low and for a very good reason. However, how can you do that successfully, without using prescription drugs? The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine offers a solution in certain foods, exercises, and vitamins that can aid you in lowering sugar in your blood quickly. Although there are probably dozens of remedies that you will be able to find if you just spend a couple of minutes browsing the Internet, Ill focus on just three for which I believe work the best and, which also have the backing of the medical professionals. So let us see what natural remedies to lower blood sugar you can use with success.

Amongst all natural remedies to lower blood sugar, nothing works better than consuming foods that are rich in proteins. The animal products, like dairy and other milk products, eggs, and especially meat are very rich in proteins and eating them is a great way to decrease your blood sugar levels. If you are a vegetarian, a good alternative for getting protein is Tofu. A study published in the United States in 2003 in the American Society for Nutritional Science showed that foods rich in proteins are able to almost instantly change the way body reacts to insulin.

A number of studies have also shown that certain herbs and spices can also be very good natural remedies to lower blood sugar. For instance, according to a research that was conducted at the University of California, cinnamon is able to balance the insulin levels in your blood as well as to reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Another study, this time from the University of Maryland Medical Center has provided evidence that certain herb-based remedies, such as ginseng, fenugreek and gymnema can also lower sugar levels in the persons bloodstream.

Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Sugar – Exercising

A couple of researches and studies have also shown that doing exercises regularly are excellent natural remedies to lower blood sugar. One research, published in the Science Daily has shown that, by exercising, people are able to lower their blood sugar levels quickly. Another study has found out that aerobics can help to quickly reduce blood sugar and that it does so by using the same sugar in the blood as a fuel for blood flow and movement. This study has also shown that, by combining aerobics and resistance training with weights will further increase the ability of the body to lower the level of sugar in the persons blood. Of course, before you start exercising, you need to consult your doctor about your intentions.


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