Review – Offers Free Shipping to All its Buyers Review – Offers Free Shipping to All its Buyers is an online pharmacy selling generic treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. According to this store, it has been around since 2002, which means that it is far older than most online pharmacies existing on the web today. The store did not have details regarding its operations or at least where it is currently based. I checked this store’s “About Us” section and there was nothing on it indicating its location or its history of service. Even if the store’s domain name has a “US” term on it, I could not confirm if the shop was really from the United States or if it has just included the country on its domain name to make the buyers assume that it is indeed based in the United States.

Products sold by US Pharma Net include both generic and brand name treatments. According to the store, it has medicines for men’s health, weight loss, pain relief, gastric conditions, bacterial infections, skin care, and a whole lot more. These medicines on US Pharma Net do not require any prescription, but the store mandates that its buyers undergo an online consultation or a special medical examination through a questionnaire so their orders will be processed. However, US Pharma Net still urges its buyers to consult with their doctor first since face to face consultations are better than online consultations.

Regarding the products, US Pharma Net believes that these medicines are the ones highly sought after by its customers:

  • Generic Cialis: $2.16 each pill
  • Generic Viagra: $1.67 each pill
  • Viagra: $5.99 each pill
  • Viagra Professional: $3.44 each pill
  • Generic Levitra: $2.99 each pill
  • Super Kamagra: $5.00 each pill

Based on the info found on US Pharma Net, all of its products meet the highest World Health Organization standards and are up to 80% cheaper than their local pharmacy counterparts. There isn’t any mention of the products being US FDA or FDA approved though; however, since most of the items sold by US Pharma Net are from renowned generic manufacturers from countries like India, we can assume that the medicines sold by US Pharma Net are at least approved by the local FDA.

Shipping on US Pharma Net is free since the shipping fee is already included in the prices. However, if buyers want a faster shipment for their orders, they have to pay for $20 for the express option.

Payments accepted by US Pharma Net include Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and credit card payments.

When it comes to returns, the US Pharma Net shop does not accept any. However, the store allows the buyers to claim refunds or to ask for reshipments in case their orders fail to arrive. Reviews

I checked for US Pharma Net reviews on the web but unfortunately, the store did not have any existing review on the web. I have also navigated the website to check for on-site reviews, but it appears that US Pharma Net does not have a review section or at least a function that allows buyers to leave their reviews on the platform. Because of this, it is hard to determine if this web drugstore was able to serve its buyers faithfully or if it merely scammed its clients in the past. Reviews 2018

Present-day reviews for US Pharma Net were also unavailable, so I tried using other ways to gain more insight on US Pharma Net. Using, I checked if I can get more details about US Pharma Net:

US Pharma Net Scamner Assessment
US Pharma Net Scamner Assessment

There are good and bad points identified for US Pharma Net. According to Scamner, US Pharma Net’s good points are the following:

  • It has an SSL certificate for the buyers’ safety
  • US Pharma Net has been around for more than 3 years
  • Google has not yet reported the store as unsafe

However, despite the positive points, US Pharma Net was still given a 0% trust score and according to Scamner, buyers should think twice about purchasing their medicines from US Pharma Net. Coupon Codes

While US Pharma Net coupons are absent, the shop has quite a number of buyer deals available for its buyers:

Price Match Offer at US Pharma Net
Price Match Offer at US Pharma Net

First off, the store is quite confident that its prices are among the lowest on the web. Because of this, US Pharma Net offered a “price match” guarantee to its buyers – according to the guarantee, if buyers are able to find prices lower than US Pharma Net’s, the store will match the prices and will happily give the buyers an additional 5% off their orders.

Us-pharma 10 % Off Offer

Special Returning Customer Propecia Price
Special Returning Customer Propecia Price

Besides the price match guarantee, the store is also offering a 10% discount for its returning buyers. As you can see, the store prompts its former clients to register so they can claim an additional 10% off their orders.

Free Shipping on US Pharma Net
Free Shipping on US Pharma Net

Only a few online stores are able to offer unconditional free shipping, so it’s commendable that US Pharma Net is offering free shipping to its buyers, regardless of their order amounts.


The shop US Pharma Net is an online pharmacy claiming to have started its service in 2002. While the store has indeed operated for years, it’s somewhat ironic that there are no available buyer testimonials for the shop.

I think the store US Pharma Net has good prices and I appreciate that it has a free shipping offer for all its buyers. However, it’s still premature to state that this store is safe to use – I still need more time and would probably need to check out the store myself first. For the meantime, feel free to use the stores included on our TOP Web Pharmacies instead.

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