Review: Have Your Order Delivered On Time Review: Have Your Order Delivered On Time is an online pharmacy that promises to deliver worldwide for free provided that you met their order requirements (at least $100). They have been offering branded and generic medicines since 2003. The promises of Sam Rx includes customer satisfaction, 100% delivery, inexpensive medicines, secure ordering process, and high-quality medications. The location of SamRx was not disclosed on their main page.

There are seven medical categories listed on the main page of These are the medicines they offer and are currently available. They are offering drugs for men’s health, women’s health, smoking, hair loss, general health condition, weight loss, and over the counter medicines. Under the men’s health category, they have Generic Viagra for $0.72 per tablet, Malegra for $0.90 per tablet, Tadaga Super for $0.81 per tablet, Poxet for $1.08 per tablet, Tadapox for $0.90 per tablet, and Forzest for $1.37 per tablet. Generic Levitra is also offered for $1.29 per pill and generic Cialis for $0.75 per pill. Other brands of ED medicines include Suhagra, Edegra, Penegra, and Silagra. Other types of ED medicines such as Soft Capsules, Jelly Tablets, and Professional is also offered in this e-dispensary.

On their FAQ page, Sam Rx said that all medicines offered in their store are FDA approved. To complete your order, you can pay with your credit card as they accept MasterCard and Visa. They promise a 100% guaranteed shipping but we are unable to find their shipping methods on their FAQ page. As mentioned on their main page, they offer free shipping on qualified orders or those are above $100.

SamRx also offers guaranteed delivery hence if anything happens to your order during shipping, they will take care of it to ensure that you will receive your order. For queries, you can contact Sam Rx at 1-888-803-0333. Reviews

A typical online customer review contains information about the service or product being offered. It contains pros and cons of ordering from them and it contains a recommendation or a discouragement. With the popularity of the internet and online shopping, online stores understand the importance of customer reviews, hence most e-stores are investing in making sure that they will have good reviews from the start. For, here are some of their reviews when they were still starting as an online pharmacy.

Looking at Sam Rx, it looks like they had a typical low start as they got low ratings in the past. They started in 2003 and yet the reviews we found were only from 2015. Let’s take a look at these 2015 reviews and find out what their customers were saying about this e-store.

Samrx Review

In 2015, we found two reviews for Sam Rx from a third-party website. Both are 5-star reviews. The first one was from H_Wilson who praised Sam Rx for its good packaging and speedy delivery. He said he was happy to finally receive his Kamagra Jelly.

The second review from JasonKing was also a positive one as JasonKing shared how his first experience as an online buyer was a success with The main reason for his happiness was the timely delivery of his order. In fact, he said that it arrived earlier than expected.

Samrx Review

Another good review for was shared by David who called a quality store with excellent service. David was thankful for the affordable medicine he ordered. He admired the store for its speedy delivery as well.

These three reviews from the past three years for were very positive. The three customers mentioned one thing in common – their orders arriving earlier than expected. With interest in how fast their delivery service is, we decided to look for newer customer reviews for Do they still deliver at a speed? Reviews 2018

Let us check some of their newest testimonials.

Samrx Review 2018

Mathew from the US said that he has been wondering about Kamagra ad how effective it is as an ED drug. Sam Rx helped him find the answer. Matthew added that Sam Rx didn’t just deliver his order, the website also gave him valuable information about Kamagra hence he decided to order from them.

Alfred who was also from the US said that Sam Rx suits his needs – it provides the ED medicine he wanted for a price that he can afford. Alfred has been ordering generic Viagra from this online pharmacy.

For the last testimonial that we found, it was from Ron of Fresno. Ron said that he used Samrx because of the availability of Viagra Jelly. Ron always had difficulty swallowing tablets hence he wanted a medicine that he can take easily. Luckily, Samrx offers Viagra Jelly which Ron finds to be effective.

Matthew, Alfred, and Ron didn’t talk about speedy delivery but they did talk about the wide range of products offered by Samrx and its efficacy. Keep in mind that the reviews discussed above are located on the pharmacy’s own site. Coupon Codes

Online shoppers always want to save more, hence if you are looking for an e-dispensary that offers more savings, you should check samrx and the coupon codes they are giving away.

Samrx Coupon Codes

Samrx has released three coupon codes that customers can grab and use on their prescription refill. The coupon codes they have offers 5%, 10%, and 15% off. To use the said coupon codes, you just have to click on show coupon code, go back to the checkout page (once you are done choosing your medicine or when you are about to process your payment) and input the coupon code. Click on apply. It should automatically apply the discount code you use and the amount.

Conclusion is a 15-year old online pharmacy that is backed up with positive customer reviews from their past and current customers. It is a website that offers branded and generic medicines with a number of options for people who are looking for an erectile dysfunction medicine. They also offer some of the cheapest ED drugs that you can find online.

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