Safemeds4all.Com Review – UK-Based Pharmacy with Slightly High Prices

Safemeds4all.Com Review – UK-Based Pharmacy with Slightly High Prices

Safemeds4all.Com is an online drugstore that has its physical location in the United Kingdom. The pharmacy is owned by a company that calls itself Aceso Limited. This drugstore has been operating for a decade now. The drugstore was established back in 2008. Safe Meds 4 All claims that they currently distribute medication to more than 50,000 customers worldwide.

When I looked at the pharmacy catalog, I was amazed by the large number of medications Safemeds4all sells. All the medications are FDA-Approved. Some of the meds you will find in the drugstore catalog include Acne meds, Anti-alcohol drugs, antibiotics, Anticancer, Antivirals, Arthritis drugs, Asthma meds and more. The majority of meds available on the drugstore catalog are generic meds.

Knowing that erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that affects more than 50% of sexually active men, I decided to determine whether Safemeds4all.Com offers meds which can help these men deal with the condition. The pharmacy had a wide range of erectile dysfunction medications. These included Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. I checked the price for one of the generic Viagra brands to see whether men could afford the medication easily. A pill of generic Viagra brand known as Suhagra from India’s Cipla would cost the buyer a maximum of $4.25 per pill. The price of the pill would decrease as you increase the number of pills you are buying.

While buying your meds, you will get a chance to pay for them using either VISA credit card or an E-check. After paying for your order, the meds will be delivered to you via Global mail express shipping (EMS). The drugstore does not charge for shipping. Your meds will be delivered to you for free regardless of where you are based. The average delivery time ranges from 7 to 15 business days. The pharmacy has a delivery guarantee. If you happen to not receive your order after 21 days, you can contact the drugstore to ask for a refund or a reshipment.

If you get your meds and notice that anything is wrong with them and you would like to return them, Safemeds4all offers 30 days from the time these meds got delivered to you for you to return the drugs. A full refund will be given without any questions being asked. The pharmacy offers a shipping refund up to $9.95. If you return half the product that got delivered to you, you will still receive 50% refund.

Safemeds4all.Com had a live chat option. However, when I tried to initiate a chat, I was alerted that no agent was online at the time. I had to leave my message and the support agents would get back to me within a period of 24 hours. The other options for contacting the customer support department include their email which is [email protected] You can also call or fax the customer support department using +1 800 897 1053 which is toll-free.

Safemeds4all.Com Reviews

Before judging an online pharmacy, it is essential to go through the comments of people who have ordered before you. I have managed to locate various testimonials for Safemeds4all.Com. The testimonials available on the official Safemeds4all.Com website are positive. The pharmacy had some few comments on third-party forums. Most of the comments available on third-party sites were also positive. I have captured the testimonials below:

Safemeds4all.Com Testimonial

William Johnson from New Jersey reports that he ordered Nexium 40mg from Safemeds4all and received his order within a period of 6 days. He thanks the drugstore for its excellent prices and helping him save on his meds. He says that the support department was very courteous and updated him until his order arrived.

Safemeds4all.Com Customer Comments

The above reviewer says that he had purchased a medication from Safemeds4all and received the order in about 2 weeks. He is happy with the service that he received from the drugstore. The only thing he recommends is for the pharmacy to add Express Courier Shipping. Currently, the drugstore only has USPS Express mail.

Safemeds4all.Com Reviews 2018

I could not locate testimonials written by men and women who have shopped at Safemeds4all.Com in 2018. The most recent testimonials I found were written in 2016 and 2017 respectively. I have captured these below:

Safemeds4all.Com Customer Comment

The above reviewer is satisfied with the service offered by Safemeds4all. He reports that he had not used the drugstore for a while but when he had used the store, it worked great. He says that when buying drugs in bulk, the buyer gets to save a lot of money.

Safemeds4all.Com Complaint

The above reviewer says that Safemeds4all is not even located in the UK. He states that the med store operates from India. He doesn’t trust the pharmacy.

The reviews available online for Safemeds4all are more positive than negative. This means that there is a chance you can get good services and products from the pharmacy. However, since the pharmacy has a negative review, you need to be careful.

Safemeds4all.Com Coupon Codes

Safemeds4all.Com Coupon and Offers

Although Safe Meds 4 All did not have coupon codes on third-party sites, the drugstore had several offers on its official website. The first offer I noticed is the free shipping offer. I have captured other offers below:

When a customer orders for the second time, he or she will be given a 10% discount. The drugstore promises to match the price for you. This means that if you find a pharmacy offering cheaper prices, the drugstore will beat that price. If you use the coupon code #874543, you will get a 5% discount.


Safe Meds 4 All is a pharmacy you can consider ordering your meds from. However, you have to be careful. It is worth noting that the positive reviews available are more than the negative comments. Although Safemeds4all.Com has nice prices, they were a little bit high. There are online med stores which offer cheaper prices than Safe Meds 4all.

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