Review – An Indian Drugstore with Proven Testimonials but Slightly High Prices Review – An Indian Drugstore with Proven Testimonials but Slightly High Prices is an online drugstore that has its location in India. This med store has been offering its services online since the year 2011. The store claims that their major goal is to provide high-quality medication at prices that men and women who need these meds can afford. I could not find any controlled substance on the pharmacy catalog which led me to believe that the store only stocks meds which have already been approved by the FDA.

The pharmacy has an extensive catalog. I counted 42 medication categories on the drugstore catalog. Each category had various meds under it. Some of the meds you will find on the drugstore catalog include birth control pills, anticancer medications, eye care meds, pain relief meds, and more. The store offers erectile dysfunction meds.

I decided to see whether buying these meds would be affordable. The pharmacy focuses on selling generic meds. The price for a generic version of Viagra known as Suhagra would cost you $0.99 per pill. When you decide you would like to eliminate your erectile dysfunction issues using tadalafil, offers generic Cialis too. A pill of this medication will cost you $1.4. The generic version of Levitra known as Vilitra will cost you $1 per pill. Although these prices are fair, they are not the lowest prices you can find online.

When it comes to paying for your medications, Safe Generic Pharmacy offers a number of payment methods which makes it easier for people to purchase their meds. To pay for your meds, you will have to use VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfer. website does not provide any information regarding their method of shipping on any of their pages. Such information is usually supposed to be readily available to make it easier for buyers to locate it. To know about the shipping cost, you will need to check out your meds. I did this. I found one shipment method which is EMS shipping. This method will take approximately 15 to 20 days. The shipping method will cost you 25 dollars.

The pharmacy has a 100% delivery guarantee. They indicate that if you end up not receiving your product, you can alert them. They will either reship your package or offer a refund. The refund may take up to 7 days to show up. The drugstore was not very clear on whether they accept medication returns.

When it comes to communicating with the customer service department, you won’t get a live chat option on the drugstore website. However, you can use their contact page to open a ticket, use their contact form on the bottom-right corner of the website to leave a message or use their phone numbers. The numbers to use include +44 752 061 7124 (UK) and +1 862 208 2124 (international callers). Reviews

To get a clear picture of how operates, I decided to look for its customer testimonials. I found a large number of customer testimonials on third-party sites. Over 86% of the reviewers rated the pharmacy 5 stars. I have captured some of the testimonials I found below:

Safegenericpharmacy Testimonial

Nick says that Safe Generic Pharmacy is a great company that one can depend on. The pharmacy has great prices and their customer support department is great. The customer service agents are usually nice and patient. They will guide the buyer until his or her prescriptions get refilled. Nick recommends Safe Generic Pharmacy. He indicates that the drugstore will be his drugstore.

Safegenericpharmacy Complaint

Although has numerous positive comments, 4% of its reviews on Trustpilot were negative. I have captured one of these above. The reviewer indicates that the service is slow and unpredictable. After using his credit card at, the credit card has been charged twice fraudulently. He says that security is a big concern while shopping using the pharmacy. Reviews 2018

To better understand whether Safe Generic Pharmacy offers nice services currently, I decided to check their 2018 reviews. I managed to locate numerous of these reviews on Trustpilot. I have captured a couple of these below:

Safegenericpharmacy Testimonials 2018

The first reviewer indicates that is a great pharmacy. It offers cheap prices and items are delivered within a period of about 10 days. The buyer managed to use PayPal to pay for his meds although it was not very obvious about how this could be done. His prescription arrived in a discreet package. Sharon reports that her item was delivered very quickly. She is very happy and she says that she would recommend

The pharmacy has been offering its services for less than a decade and it has managed to acquire thousands of positive testimonials. However, you have to note that some of the reviewers were unhappy with one reporting a fraudulent charge on his credit card. Therefore, care has to be taken when ordering from this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Although I could not locate coupon codes which could be used on Safe Generic Pharmacy on third-party coupon sites, I managed to locate several offers on the official website. I have captured these below:

Safegenericpharmacy Offers

The pharmacy will offer you a 10% discount if you return to order your meds for the second time. The pharmacy will allow you to enjoy free shipping as long as your order is worth more than $249.

Conclusion is a drugstore that appears to be great. The pharmacy has nice testimonials on third-party sites. The buyers are happy with the quality of medications, the delivery time, and the customer service. However, the pharmacy has some few negative comments. Therefore, you have to approach the pharmacy with caution. The drugstore prices are cheap. However, they are not the lowest you can find online.

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