Rxpillhome.com Review – Seized Store without Online Information

Rxpillhome.com Review – Seized Store without Online Information

Rxpillhome.com was an online pharmacy shut down by the government. I was sure about this because instead of the store, the domain Rxpillhome.com is nothing more than a big reminder of the government’s vigilance against small-time online pharmacies and online vendors.

Instead of the Rx Pill Home website, I was greeted by a glaring message from the United States’ Homeland Security Investigation Department and Europol stating that Rx Pill Home was one of the domains seized by the collaboration of the US and Europol (Project TransAtlantic VII). According to the notice, the US government and Europol are singling out websites they deem are suspicious and are known for selling counterfeit goods.

Apart from the big warning on Rx Pill Home’s former website, there was little proof that the store Rx Pill Home was involved in selling counterfeit medications online. In fact, I was unable to get online information that will attest to this online pharmacy’s involvement in selling illegal and counterfeit goods. Honestly, however, the government isn’t 100% right in labeling online pharmacies as scam stores considering the government has its interests aligned with that of big pharmacies in the country. There’s an unseen agreement between the government and big pharma companies and often, their collaboration leads to the elimination even of small honest vendors on the web.

I’m not actually saying that Rx Pill Home was an honest vendor, but what I’m trying to say is that Rx Pill Home might be a guiltless online drugstore that’s just one of the eliminated pawns in the game big pharmaceutical conglomerates play. Although Rx Pill Home might be an illegitimate seller, Rx Pill Home may have also been a good site that’s closed down by the government and was only shut down because the government protects the interests of big pharmaceutical companies.

Unfortunately, records for Rx Pill Home do not exist online – the store did not have anything available on the web, including buyer testimonials or fragments of information that could help me identify the kind of service offered by Rx Pill Home in the years it was active. What I could only infer about the website was that it was a generics seller that offered good prices for its medicines and that it shipped its products to countries all over the world. Regarding the quality of the items sold by Rx Pill Home, I actually have no idea since there were no existing buyer reviews for this website anywhere on the web, whether positive or negative.

Rxpillhome.com Reviews

Like I’ve mentioned, there were no Rx Pill Home reviews available on the web. I tried to search for actual buyer reviews for this web pharmacy, but what I have ended up with was one blogger review for this store discussing that Rx Pill Home’s already closed and was seized by the government.

Usually, I come searching for on-site reviews published on the former website in question. However, in the case of Rx Pill Home, while it did have available records on the web archive, there was nothing left of the former site on the web saved for the notice that it was now a seized online platform. Since this was the case, I was unable to tell if the store Rx Pill Home has had on-site reviews for its service.

Rxpillhome.com Reviews 2018

Because Rx Pill Home did not have real buyer testimonials on the web (the store did not have buyer comments available on reliable third-party platforms) and since I was unable to determine if the shop has had on-site testimonials available, I had no choice but to look up details for the Rx Pill Home shop using a third-party, domain assessment website. Here’s the result for the Rx Pill Home website analysis:

Rx Pill Home Scamner Assessment

Rx Pill Home Scamner Assessment
Rx Pill Home Scamner Assessment

Based on the Scamner report for Rx Pill Home, the shop was a store with a 0% trust rating. Scamner asked the buyers to refrain from using Rx Pill Home due to its several concerns:

  • Rx Pill Home did not have an SSL certificate
  • Rx Pill Home had no trusts records

While Rx Pill Home was not yet reported as an unsafe store, buyers were urged by the experts to steer clear of Rx Pill Home due to its unpleasant reports. However, since Rx Pill Home is now offline, there’s no need to be wary of the Rx Pill Home store.

I have also checked Rx Pill Home against the records of Legit Script, another domain-assessing platform. According to the result for the Rx Pill Home shop, the shop was identified as a rogue internet pharmacy that has failed to measure up to Legit Script’s standard of legitimacy.

Rxpillhome.com Coupon Codes

There were probably offers available on the Rx Pill Home website, but since the store’s now offline, it’s hard to tell whether there were existing offers on Rx Pill Home. However, I can at least assume that the web pharmacy implemented a bulk order discount policy since this is a common thing among web drugstores.


Rx Pill Home was a seized store. While you may think that the store deserved its fate, I ask you to be more sympathetic with online pharmacies since some are actually benign stores shut down by big pharmaceutical companies in their favor so they can continue their operations without distractions. However, it’s still hard to determine if the store Rx Pill Home was a good shop considering its lack of available reviews on the web.

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