Rx-net.com Review – Looks Like an Affiliate of AmeriMedRx Online Pharmacy

Rx-net.com Review - Looks Like an Affiliate of AmeriMedRx Online Pharmacy

Rx-net.com looks like an affiliate site of Amerimedrx.com which is an online pharmacy based in the United States. This vendor has been in the pharmacy business since 1998, which makes them about 2 decades old this year. This pharmacy sells a number of drugs used for various treatments. However, it appears it prioritizes prescription erectile dysfunction medications as they are displayed on the homepage of this online pharmacy. Popular ED meds like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are sold by this vendor. The pricing for these drugs on this website is $25.75 per pill, $23.25 per pill, and $37 per pill respectively. All ED drugs sold by this vendor are FDA approved. This is not surprising as this vendor has a number of top-notch accreditations. Additionally, it was great for me to learn that they have licensed physicians that could write you prescriptions. You, therefore, have nothing to worry about regarding a doctor’s prescription.

Furthermore, to make payments on this platform, you can make use of credit or debit cards. The cards they accept include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. The shipping options include the overnight shipping which costs $26.95, 2-day shipping which costs $19.95, and 3 to 5 days shipping which costs $13.95. Note that shipments are done only to the United States and Canada.

This vendor has a functioning live chat service which I tried out and was impressed as my question was answered swiftly. Below is an image of my chat with Scot one of Rx-net’s support staff.

Rx-net Live Chat
Rx-net Live Chat

You can also put a call through to them on 1-877-745-5779.

In addition, I also checked for this vendor’s refund policy. This pharmacy accepts returns of only unopened parcels. If you receive a wrong order you would have to call them and await their return confirmation approval number before you return the wrongly received products. They have not stated if they would do regarding defective product, ineffective products, and orders which fail to arrive.

Rx-net.com Reviews

I checked for customer reviews of Rx-net.com so I could see the experience of users and determine the reputation of this pharmacy. However, it appears there are no reviews for Rx-net.com. Since there are no customer reviews regarding the services of this affiliate vendor, we can take a look at customer reviews of Amerimedrx. Note, we are not certain that Rx-net.com is an authorized affiliate vendor of Amerimedrx as there are so many online pharmacies that impersonate reputable vendors. To avoid risks owing to the fact that we cannot verify the legitimacy of Rx-net.com, it is better to try the official site Amerimedrx.

Amerimedrx Customer Reviews
Amerimedrx Customer Reviews

This feedback is from Chaz. It appears the expectation of this customer was reached. He ordered Viagra and he says it was delivered before the next morning. He also says the drugs that were delivered is truly the real one manufactured by Pfizer. He gives their speed of delivery, customer service, ease of website use, and product quality a 5-star rating. But he gave their pricing a 3-star rating. He says “great online pharmacy”.

Rx-net.com Customer Reviews

This other feedback comes from Rich Who also bought an erectile dysfunction med from this vendor, precisely Cialis. He says his order “arrived in 30 hours”. He gives their product quality, ease of website use, price, customer service, and speed of delivery of a 5-star rating.

Rx-net.com Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, I could not find any reviews for Rx-net.com from customers that could point to the recent performance of this vendor. Nevertheless, the parent company of this shop has accreditations from various pharmaceutical accreditation bodies, it’s drugs are from trusted A-list manufacturers, it has licensed professionals on its team of staff. I can only say that this pharmacy could yet be said to be reliable if we could make sure that it is an authorized affiliate of Amerimedrx pharmacy.

Rx-net.com Coupon Codes

10% Discount Coupon Code
10% Discount Coupon Code

Discounts are a very important aspect when talking about a pharmacy. This is because it helps customers to save on the purchase of medications. It also shows that a vendor appreciates the patronage of its customers. For this reason, I decided to check if Rx-net.com offers discounts to its customers. Luckily, Scot a support staff who I had a chat with gave me a coupon code which would give you access to a 10% discount.

When you use the coupon code SPALL10 you would get a 10% discount on the orders made from this pharmacy.

Free Pill Splitter
Free Pill Splitter

Another offer I saw trying to place an order is for this vendor’s new customers. New customers automatically get a pill splitter for free. So, if you decide to order from this pharmacy and it’s your first time, you would get a free pill splitter.


Rx-net.com looks like an affiliate site of Amerimedrx.com which is an online pharmacy based in the United States that sells authentic brand-name drugs. This pharmacy also has licensed doctors that could write you a prescription. Another strength is the fast delivery of this pharmacy. This pharmacy also has a live chat that allows you to get a response to your questions or queries on the spot without having to wait. The problem I have with this pharmacy is the fact that I was unable to get customer reviews about it.

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