Rx-med.net Review – Seized by the US Government

Rx-med.net Review – Seized by the US Government

Rx-med.net was an online pharmacy that existed from 2001 until late 2017. It was among the longest-running online pharmacies on the web before it has closed down; 16 years of selling medicines to its customers from different parts of the world. The reason for the site’s termination of operations was because it was seized by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department of the US Homeland Security Investigations due to willful copyright infringement and intentional trafficking of counterfeit goods. No one knows for sure if these accusations have some basis or if these accusations were even true as Rx-med.net managed to operate for a solid 16 years before it was taken down.

What the customers suspect to be the real reason behind the site’s seizure was the campaign initiated by the large drugstore chains against the operations of the independent pharmacy websites like Rx-med.net. Due to the very affordable medicine prices which are offered by Rx-med.net and other online pharmacies like itself, customers of local pharmacies have stopped purchasing their drugs locally and started buying their meds online. This was such a big loss of profit to corporate drugstores which prompted them to act; to forcefully shut the competition down with the help of the US government and the FDA. This campaign was a success but the length of Rx-med.net’s operation speaks for itself—that the site has sold effective and affordable products for more than a decade, leading many people to think that the accusations against it were made-up and false.

Many people were disappointed by the site’s confiscation because it was such a place where people bought medicines at prices which are up to 90% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. It also sold quality medicines which were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as effective and safe for use. The reason for the site’s cheap prices for its meds was because its sells generics; medicines which have the same active ingredients as the branded drugs but were made by a different manufacturer. Using generics will guarantee the patients that they will get the exact same results as these drugs have similar active components to their branded counterparts. The bestselling generics of Rx-med.net are pills which were used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Rx-med.net had generic pills of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, the most popular ED brands in the market today. The generic versions of these drugs were priced only at under $2 USD per pill, a price that all customers will be able to afford. Versus the local prices of ED drugs which are at an average of $75 USD per tablet, it’s very clear to the customers where they should be purchasing their ED meds.

For customers who bought their medicines at Rx-med.net, the site didn’t require them to make an account because the site didn’t have a registration or a sign-in page. This meant that its customers were able to buy their products as anonymous clients or guests which protected their privacy. Customers were also able purchase their prescription drugs at Rx-med.net without providing prescriptions as it didn’t require its clients to provide them, unlike local pharmacies. This made the ordering process much easier as customers no longer needed to fax or email scripts to its site before they are approved to purchase meds. Its clients were also able to save money this way as obtaining prescriptions from doctors required them to pay professional fees. Since scripts were not required by Rx-med.net, customers no longer needed to visit or pay fees to their doctors. They can obtain their prescription medications right away on its site, maximizing their savings.

Rx-med.net Reviews

Since the internet offer no third-party reviews for Rx-med.net, what we can only use are the on-site reviews which could be found on its website. Rx-med.net has already been closed for a long time and the only way to access the remaining information about it is through the web archives, a place online where website captures are saved over a period of time as reference for all websites especially those which are already closed. However, these on-site reviews are not to be taken as 100% trustworthy as there’s a good chance that they were just made-up to make its site look good. Even so, let’s take a look at these reviews and read what these customers have to say about Rx-med.net.

Rx-med.net User Reviews

What Alan bought from Rx-med.net are generic Cialis pills, Cialis soft tablets to be exact. These soft pills were unlike the standard pills which were swallowed whole with water and dissolves in the stomach. Alan took the pills by allowing it to melt on his mouth which was the proper way and he managed to get his needed erections in just 20 minutes; 10 minutes faster than the regular pills. He was also pleased with the flavor of the pills.

Next to the review given by Alan was from an anonymous customer who thanked Rx-med.net for the safe delivery of his ordered products. The customer had no problems at all and was also pleased with the bonus pills included on his meds. This experience made the customer so happy that he planned on ordering his meds again from the site after just a few weeks.

A customer of Rx-med.net named Larry gave only a brief review for the site which said that he received the order just fine and it worked great.

Rx-med.net Reviews 2018

Rx-med.net has long been seized and new reviews for the site are no longer available. Even third-party reviews for the site are scarce on the web and the only existing ones were the ones which are on its website. But those reviews are no longer relevant as those were already from long ago.

Rx-med.net Coupon Codes

Rx-med.net Free Shipping and Free Pills

No matter the amount of the orders that the customers have made at Rx-med.net, they were entitled to get free ED pills with their orders. Their orders will also be shipped free of charge when they manage to order medicines which have a total cost of $150 USD. These were the offers given by Rx-med.net before to give more value to their customer’s money.


It’s just unfortunate that Rx-med.net is no longer an existing pharmacy website as it is now closed, seized by the US government due to its alleged copyright infringement and sale of counterfeit goods. But these allegations were doubtful as the site has already operated for 16 years before it was forcefully closed. Though the site no longer exists, customers can check our top recommended providers for other alternatives.

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