Review: Where Rare Brands of Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Found Review: Where Rare Brands of Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Found is an online pharmacy that offers steroids among other medicines. Their online license shows that it just got approved this 2018 yet it looks like they have been operating for years now. There is no information as to when they really started or where they are based.

The list products offered by Roidsmall are long. They offer injectable steroids, oral steroids, weight loss steroids, HCG, general health medications, men’s health drugs, and medical accessories such as syringes and needles.

For erectile dysfunction, we are surprised to see some generic Viagra brands that are rare and hard to find. Roids Mall offers SP Agra (sildenafil citrate) for $35 for a pack of 20. They also offer Taldenaxy (generic Cialis) for $30 for a pack of 20. Popular generic ED brands such as Kamagra, Priligy, Apcalis, Tadalis, and Silagra are also available. They also offer branded Viagra, branded Cialis, and branded Levitra.

If you are interested in checking these products offered by Roids Mall, you have to create an account with them first. By creating an account, it means you agree to the terms and conditions that set for all of their customers. There is no minimum order required by the store hence you can order anything, anytime. For payments, Roidsmall accepts credit card and Bitcoins.

For the shipping fee, the fee depends on the destination of the order. It varies from $21 to $30. All orders are packed discreetly and a signature is required. For your peace of mind, this e-store also offers guaranteed shipping. caters to almost all countries expect the countries of South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

For issues such as missing order or lost packages, give it at least 24 days from the day that the order was shipped. Report to their support team if the package has not arrived after 24 days so they can check if it is necessary to reship the order. Reviews

With our increasing interest in Roids Mall and its products, we decided to check their customer reviews. Do customers trust roids mall?


Roidsmall Reviews

From 8 years ago, we found a review shared by Gutolo. Gutolo gave Roids Mall a rating of 4 stars out of 5. He said that he has been a loyal customer of Roids Mall and that he never had an issue. The only issue he had was when he got a ‘seizure’ order from Roids but mostly it is because his prescription had expired. The problem was fixed after he asked his doctor to resend the order to Roidsmall.

Another old review for Roids Mall was shared by Red a year ago. Red strongly recommend Roids, even calling it his life. Red gave Roids a 5-star rating.

Gutolo and Red are just two of the old customers of Roids Mall who mentioned their satisfaction with the website. These are enough to make us feel comfortable ordering from Roids Mall yet to be on the safe side, we decided to further check for newer customer feedbacks. Reviews 2018

After searching the internet, we found newer reviews for Roids Mall from a forum page. Here are some of the information we learned about Roids Mall and their operation in the last few months.

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Roidsmall Reviews 2018

Mlody78 stated in her feedback that she was impressed with the professionalism of the people working for Roids Mall. The experience she had with them was exemplary. After learning that they are now accepting Bitcoins for payment, Mlody78 was even more impressed.

Mloduy78 said that the package she received was discreetly packed. She received it in time as well as promised. So far, the products that she received works fine and she thinks they are real.

Another recent order and review we found for Roids Mall were shared by Weaver. Weaver said he ordered and paid using Bitcoins and he was happy to see his order pushed thru. He said he tracked his order and was surprised to see it delivered earlier than expected. Weaver highly recommends Roids Mall not only for its quality products but also for its reliability in delivering orders. Coupon Codes

Although Roids Mall offers other medicines online, their specialty is still bulking products. Their special offers and coupon codes are mostly applied to such products. Currently, they released three coupon codes that can be used when ordering bulking products.

Roidsmall Coupon Codes

To get these deals, you just have to click on ‘get deal’ button and it will automatically direct you to where you can process your order. The discount will be automatically applied once you checkout.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that caters to customers worldwide with some countries in exempt. Before placing an order, check with the store first if your country is not exempted from countries where they can ship.

Most of the products offered by Roids Mall are steroids and erectile dysfunction medicines. For erectile dysfunction drugs, they offer common and rare generic ED brands. They even offer flavored Kamagra Oral Jelly such as banana, grape, strawberry, mint, and orange flavors. They also offer generic ED brands from Balkan Pharmaceutical, a known steroid manufacturer. They have Esculap (sildenafil citrate) and Taldenaxyl (generic Cialis). One of their rare offers is Generic Womenra, an ED medicine for women that is from India. Indeed, has a wide range of ED brands to offer to customers and most of them are sold at a very reasonable price.

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