Review – Online Pharmacy that Sells One One Brand of Medication Review - Online Pharmacy that Sells One One Brand of Medication is an online pharmacy that was set up in 2000 that is aimed at providing the best services to the residents of the United Kingdom. Real Pharmacy is based in the UK where various generic and brand medications are stocked.

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Real Pharmacy stocks medications that have been approved by the FDA that are sourced from various reputable manufacturers. I took a look at the website and it seems Kamagra is the best selling drug and it is currently being sold at a 10% discount. A 30*100mg package of Kamagra will be sold at $99 which is an average of $$3.3. I tried searching for Viagra on the website but it seems it is not in stock! This is quite unfortunate as the customer who prefers to use the brand Viagra will be forced to buy the Kamagra range of ED medications. Some of the Kamagra brands include Kamagra Soft Tabs, Kamagra Jelly, Kamagra Fizz, and Kamagra Polo. It is also clear that Real Pharmacy only deals with men’s health medications and any customer who wishes to buy other medications will have to look for them in another pharmacy. accepts several payment methods for the payment of product bought from them which include credit cards and international money orders. The payment can also be sent via wire transfer.

The shipping of the medications bought from will be done for free 12 hours after the order has been successfully processed. Real pharmacy ships to many destinations all over the world which makes it possible for their clients to get medications at all times. It is required that the right shipping address is provided as the destination cannot be changed one the shipping has been initiated. I was not able to find the information that explained what happens if a customer received medications and wishes to return them to

I tried to check the duration that the shipping of the medications will take and the shipping method that can be used but this information is not available. The safety of the details that will be submitted by the customers is not guaranteed since the connections to the website have not been secured. Though the customer will be saving more on Kamagra, the private details that he will submit when paying may accidentally find their way into the hands of cybercriminals.

Communication with Real Pharmacy is quite convenient especially via live chat. I sent a message inquiring about one of the medications stocked and within a span of 3 minutes, a customer service representative had already answered my query. The other modes of communication that can be used to contact Real Pharmacy is through a contact form that is available on the website. You will provide your email address which will be used in sending a response. I was not able to find a phone number that I would use to call Reviews

There are no independent reviews regarding the services offered by Real Pharmacy. The only reviews are found at the website where customers talk of the great services that they have been receiving from

Jame says that he had an erectile dysfunction problem and one of his friends recommended where he managed to purchase Kamagra ED medications. His erectile dysfunction problem was gone and the results were exceptional. He sends his appreciation to Real Pharmacy and to his friend as well.

Mike appreciates that the delivery of his medications was timely and once he was able to test the product, he found it very effective.

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Nick had not purchased medication from an online pharmacy before he had a chance to purchase from He is glad that the Kamagra drugs that were delivered on time were very effective. He is no longer afraid of buying his medications from an online pharmacy, thanks to the great services at Real Pharmacy. Reviews 2018

Apart from the three reviews that can be found on’s website, I was not able to find another review from independent sites.

I searched for a complaint from customers to know if Real Pharmacy has lowered the quality of their services but there were no complaints as well. This shows that customers are satisfied with the services as well as the quality of the medications sold to them. Coupon codes

Real Pharmacy offers various discounts on their Kamagra range of medications to ensure that their customers will be able to save more on their erectile dysfunction drugs.

For every order, there is a bonus of free pills and the quantity will be determined by the number of pills purchased. The more the pills bought, the higher the discounts.

Kamagra, Kamagra Jelly, Kamagra Polo, and Kamagra Soft Tabs have a 10% discount that is being offered on every purchase.

For all the orders that are placed at Real Pharmacy, the shipping will be done without any charges which will lower the cost of getting medications from

Real Pharmacy also claims that the prices of all the medications at the pharmacy are the lowest compared to other online and local pharmacies.



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Conclusion is an online pharmacy that does not have any review from independent sites. The only reviews are found on their website and one cannot make a conclusion about whether they are true or not. However, there is no complaint from any customer who has not had a chance to buy from them and we cannot say that the lack of reviews means they are not legitimate. All the medications have been approved by the FDA and a customer who will choose to buy will, therefore, get original medications. If you wish to buy Kamagra erectile dysfunction medications which are the only medication that is stocked at, can make his purchase and enjoy the free shipping and the low price as well.

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