Review – An Online Pharmacy with Competitive Prices Review - An Online Pharmacy with Competitive Prices is an online pharmacy that sells a great variety of drugs at quite competitive rates. I have found out a number of things about this pharmacy and I am going to be sharing all with you in this review. The address of this website has been traced to the Netherlands, but research also has it that this pharmacy may have ties with China. This vendor appears to have started operating in 2009. The drugs on this website are a lot and they are divided into categories. Some of the categories are Gastrointestinal, Cholesterol, Birth Control, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Herpes, Antibiotics, Gums, Arthritis, Erectile Dysfunction etc. On the homepage of this website, a number of popular erectile dysfunction drugs are visible. However, you should know that these ED drugs are generics. Among the popular ED drugs I saw are Kamagra, Levitra, and Cialis. And for their individual prices; Kamagra is sold on this website for $1.64 per pill, Levitra is sold for $1.31 per pill, and Cialis is sold for $0.73 per pill. These prices are quite competitive if you agree. I tried to find out if the drugs sold by this vendor are FDA approved. I found out that all their drugs are shipped from India and they are India FDA approved. Hence, their drugs are safe and of great quality.

You can make payments on this platform via cards like Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB. Payments could also be made via ACH. All orders are shipped by this vendor via two shipping methods. The first shipping method is Airmail which takes 10 to 21 days to deliver orders. the second shipping method is EMS which takes a maximum of 10 days to arrive. This vendor ships to virtually all countries, but has not disclosed the cost. From what I see, I believe the shipping fee is very much dependent on the number destination.

This vendor has a support team that is ready to answer your questions or query 24 hours every day. To get to them you can call their number +18886884974 or drop a message on their website in the Contact Us section by filling out the form therein. Here is an image of the form so you can see the details you would need to drop.

Contact US Form
Contact US Form

With regard to the refund policy of this vendor, I have noticed that they offer refunds and free reshipment to their customers. This is contingent upon the customer making a complaint within 30 days of receiving your order if not satisfied with the product received. And peradventure orders were not received within 21 days if Airmail was the shipping method used and 15 days if EMS was the shipping method used. Reviews

It is important for me to share a couple of reviews with you. This reviews would help us determine how well and often this vendor satisfies its customers. If they have a knack for satisfying their customer we would know that they are safe to try out. Otherwise, it would be better to try out another pharmacy. I have not found customer reviews of this vendor from a source you can trust 100%. The only place that I have found reviews from customers is on their website. Note that these reviews cannot be trusted a 100% since they are part of the content on this vendor’s website. Let’s take a look at two of these reviews real quick.

Prxone Customer Testimonial

Denis is the first to share his experience with us. From the review he has dropped, he appears to be overly satisfied. He tells us that he had an “awesome shopping experience”.


Maria from Brazil is the second reviewer here. This customer shares with us her experience with the erectile dysfunction drugs bought for her husband from this pharmacy. From what she tells us the drug was efficacious and it saved their marriage. She has this to say “hard erections”.

From these reviews, one can say that the drugs offered by this pharmacy are of quality and great efficacy. On could also conclude that they satisfy their customers with a great shopping experience. Reviews 2018

I would have loved to share with you reviews from 2018. However, the reviews I found on their website so not have a date. In fact, I perceive that these testimonials are old. So, I cannot really say much about the reputation of this pharmacy lately. The lack of recent reviews makes it impossible to determine the extent to which this has performed regarding the satisfaction of its customers. In my opinion, this pharmacy has not got much of a reputation. In reality, I do not see any indicators that would enable me to conclude that they could be absolutely trusted. Coupon Codes

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

I have gone in search to see if this pharmacy has got any discount offers that I could share with you. And I have found a few. Check out the screenshots of each below

This offer is displayed on this vendor’s website. This screenshot says that customers are eligible to get 4 free pills if they make an order that is over $40.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that appears to offer low prices for medications. This vendor’s platform also looks professional and attractive. However, I have got a problem with a few things. The first is the fact that this website is not encrypted. The second is the fact that external reviews are lacking. For a pharmacy which is almost a decade old, there should be a reasonable number of customer reviews on external websites. Though this pharmacy offers reasonable prices, they are not reputable.

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