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Prescription Point is a Canada-based online pharmacy whose customer focus are only clients from the United States. Due to the limits of its distribution reach, it can only cater to its clients from the US. This is somewhat unfortunate for customers from other parts of the world who are eager to order their meds from its site as Prescription Point is one of the most trusted Canadian pharmacies on the internet. This limitation that Prescription Point has is probably the only negative thing that could be mentioned against it. But when it comes to the other features of its site and the benefits that it offers to its customers as an online pharmacy, it’s certainly numbered among the best on the web.

Just like at the local pharmacies, customers must provide prescriptions when they order their prescription meds at Prescription Point. It is a non-negotiable requirement that is being asked by Prescription Point to its clients whenever they will be purchasing drugs that necessitate valid scripts. This is to ensure the safety of their customers in using their drugs as use of prescription medications without being recommended by healthcare professionals and physicians could lead to adverse health effects or even fatal results. Prescription drugs are medicines with very specific functions and using them requires the patients to have full medical checkups which is for their own benefit.

Ordering medicines can be done in three different ways at Prescription Point. The most basic way of buying meds from them is from its website. Prescription Point doesn’t have a wide and categorized list of medicines on its page but its medicines can only be looked up through its search bar. Buyers can just locate their needed meds by this means and once they find the ones that they need, they only need to click the add to cart button. After they finish ordering, customers will only click the “Place Order” button and they will be proceeding to the checkout page for payments.

The other way to place an order at Prescription Point is through the phone and it’s the most convenient way of ordering meds from them. It’s knowledgeable and polite customer care specialists will be assisting the customers all the way from the selection of the meds that they need up to the payment of their orders. The number of Prescription Point that the customers should call to order through phone is +1 877 244 0431. This hotline is open on weekdays from 6 AM to 8 PM PST and weekends from 7 AM to 5 PM PST. Its customers can also use this same hotline for their questions or if they will be needing assistance with anything regarding the products or the website of Prescription Point. Customers who wish to send their prescriptions through fax can send it to the toll-free fax number of Prescription Point which is +1 877 453 0921.

Prescription Point Hotline & Fax Number
Prescription Point Hotline & Fax Number

The third and last method to order meds from Prescription Point is through fax or regular mail where customers will need to download and print the order form on its site and fill out all the necessary details. After they finish filling out the form, they can fax it to Prescription Point’s fax number along with the copy of their original prescriptions. Once Prescription Point receives their fax, a customer care specialist will then contact them to process their orders. For those customers who will be ordering through regular mail, they simply have to mail the form with their valid prescription to Prescription Point’s mailing address which is Suite #537, 102-17750 56 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3S 1K4.

Regarding the shipping of orders to its customers, Prescription Point charges a fee of $9.95 USD per order. Depending on the weight of the products that its clients will purchase, there will be additional charges for overweight packages. For medicines that will be delivered via freight, customers should allow 2 to 4 weeks before the packages arrive to their location. Reviews

The first review was from a customer named “kint” and the date that he gave his review was the 31st of July, 2015. He gave Prescription Point a score 4 stars for this review that he gave, mentioning that it was a good pharmacy for tadalafil, a drug for treating erectile dysfunction (ED).

Prescription Point User Reviews
Prescription Point User Reviews

For the next review, the customer gave no stars for Prescription Point due to the unpleasant experience that he had with the site. His review was dated 9th of July, 2015 and what displeased him is the lack of response from the customer representatives of the site to his emails. He even tried calling but also didn’t receive any response from Prescription Point. He was so frustrated with this experience that he had that he decided to cancel his orders and look for a different medicine source.

The last testimonial for Prescription Point was from a client of the site named RLSGA. It was his first time ordering from its site and admits that he was very uneasy with ordering meds at Canadian online pharmacies. But he decided to give it a go and everything went smoothly from the ordering process to the payments until he finally received his orders just after three weeks. He recommends the site to others and gave it a score of 4 stars. Reviews 2018

As for recent reviews available for Prescription Point, there are none so far. Its site itself doesn’t have a reviews section for its customers to put their reviews in and the only way to give the site reviews is through third-party pharmacy review sites. If recent reviews were available for Prescription Point, these could’ve been helpful in giving us an insight about the status of the site’s current level of service to its clients. Coupon Codes

Prescription Point has no special offers nor any perks presented to their customers. We don’t know the reason why but this feature is entirely up to the discretion of the site’s owners and administrators. Discounts and freebies could’ve been good ways for the site to draw more customers in but since they have none, its clients might look elsewhere where they can get special purchase benefits.


Prescription Point is a Canadian online pharmacy that only caters to customers from the United States. Ordering meds from its site is easy and it has helpful customer care specialists to assist its clients that would be needing answers to their questions or help with using their website. Customer reviews for Prescription Point is mixed but generally positive. Customers can also check our top recommended providers for more options.

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