Pills-for-health.com Review – Never Asked to Provide Doctor Scripts

Pills-for-health.com Review – Never Asked to Provide Doctor Scripts

Pills for Health was a pharmacy website that existed since 2003. Its operations have lasted for fourteen (14) years before closing down for good, selling medicines to customers from different parts of the world. Pills for Health was a site that claimed to be the quickest way to buy drugs and that its customers no longer needed to provide prescriptions or leave home just to purchase. As for being the quickest means of purchasing meds, there were other online pharmacies on the web just like Pills for Health which means that it’s not the quickest one; it was just an assertion that the site made to attract customers. But when it comes to Pills and Health saying that its customers no longer needed scripts when purchasing prescription drugs from its site, it is speaking the truth. All the prescription drugs on its medicine selection can be bought without scripts, providing a hassle-free experience to its customers. Buyers no longer had to fax or email copies of their scripts to its site—they were able to just freely choose the meds that they needed and proceed to the checkout page for payments.

Just like other online pharmacies, the level of convenience that Pills for Health provided was indeed excellent because its clients were able to order their medications from wherever they are. By simply using their computers and the internet, the necessity to leave home or work just to purchase their medications was eliminated. Pills for Health was like a reliable 24-hour online pharmacy where people placed their orders, paid online, and received their orders on their homes or their location of choice.

The selection of medicines which were provided by Pills for Health was not as wide-ranging as those that local pharmacies had but its products only consisted of those which were commonly purchased by the customers. The medicine categories on its website include smoking cessation meds, diuretics, antifungals, skin care products, muscle relaxants, hair loss meds, arthritis treatment meds, antibiotics, herbal products, cancer drugs, and others. But the most popular products that were sold by Pills for Health were the drugs which were used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED was a sexual health condition that was very common to males who are 40 years of age and above but even if this condition was common, the price for the drugs that treat it is quite costly. The cost of these drugs at the local pharmacies was so expensive that the price for a single pill fetches for up to $91 USD.

Viagra, $1.52 USD Per Pill

But it was not so at Pills for Health as its ED products were only sold at very cheap prices that start from $1.52 per tablet; a price which is more than 95% cheaper than those which were sold locally.

This was because the meds which were sold by Pills for Health were generic drugs, the cheaper versions of the costly prescription medications. But since generics used the same active ingredients as the expensive medicine brands, its users will get the exact same benefits and effects. Pills for Health knew of this advantage in generic medicines that’s why its selection of drugs was made only of generics, offering its customers cheaper but similarly effective alternatives.

The reason why Pills for Health has closed down is still unknown up to this day. Its site simply disappeared from the web without any notice on its website prior to terminating its operations. People have speculated that it might be because of some issues within the site’s administration or maybe it simply moved to a different domain without notifying the public.

Pills-for-health.com Reviews

The only user reviews which are available for Pills for Health are the ones which are from its own site, the ones on its testimonials section. Unfortunately, the site no longer has any third-party user reviews available from independent review sites due to the length of time that its site has now been closed. These reviews are much better when it comes to determining a website’s reputation because these testimonials are transparent and unedited, reflecting the true opinions of the users. On the other hand, on-site reviews are not very much trustworthy as these reviews may have already been modified by the owners of the site to make their website look reliable to the readers and potential customers. Nevertheless, let’s check these user reviews for Pills for Health.

Pills-for-health.com User Reviews

What Elizabeth from Memphis was satisfied with was the support that was given to her by the customer service department of Pills for Health. Her concerns get sorted out by the support personnel of its site, ensuring she has a pleasant experience. Elizabeth was also pleased with the wide range of products that Pills for Health had which helped her find every medicine that she needs.

As for the review given by Manuel from Padova, what he has commented on was the medicine that he has bought from Pills for Health and not the website itself. What he has ordered were Cialis pills, a drug for treating erectile dysfunction’s symptoms. He mentioned that Cialis was the brand that works best for him, better than how Viagra and Levitra works. It’s good to know that the Cialis pills that were bought by Manuel from Pills-for-health.com worked effectively for him as it’s a proof that Pills for Health sold quality products.

Pills-for-health.com Reviews 2018

As for new reviews for Pills for Health, there will no longer be any since the site has long been closed. The only place on the web where the remnants of its site can be accessed is on the web archives and it’s no longer possible to put any new reviews in on those pages.

Pills-for-health.com Coupon Codes

Since the archived information about Pills for Health is only limited, there are no longer any information that could be retrieved regarding its promotional offers or any of its discount or freebies given to its clients. What the archived information plainly shows were the prices of its products and other details.


Pills for Health was an online pharmacy site that provided its customers the convenience of never having to leave home to purchase their medications and never having to provide any scripts for their prescription drug purchase. But it’s no longer available as a site and people will have to look for other online medicine sources. For reliable options, customers should check our list of reliable online pharmacies.

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