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Pharma Store was a place on the web where people used to purchase affordable drugs. It was an online pharmacy that offered people low-cost alternatives to the expensive medications which are sold at the local drugstores. Back when it was still in operation, Pharma Store helped a lot of customers save money since the medicines that they sold were up to 90% cheaper than the brands which can be bought locally. The savings that it offered was not a bluff; the offer that Pharma Store gave to its clients was legitimate and it allowed shoppers on its site to save a whole lot more and buy sufficient amounts of the medications that they need.

The cheap medicine prices that Pharma Store had for its products was nothing to be surprised about nor is there any mystery that surrounds it. Pharma Store simply sold generic medicines; drugs which have the similar effect of the brand-name drugs. This was because generic medicines use the similar components and active ingredients as the costly meds, allowing its users to experience the exact same effects. What the local pharmacies were prioritizing on selling were branded drugs and this was the reason why many people were unable to afford their products. But when Pharma Store still existed, it provided a way for the people to get the same benefits of the expensive medicines by providing them generic equivalents. But this didn’t sit very well with the corporate drugstore chains as they started losing profit. This led them to launch a campaign that would successfully close many online pharmacies down, and Pharma Store was, unfortunately, one of them.

Big pharmaceutical companies and drugstore chains have led a government-backed movement to terminate the operations of internet-based pharmacy sites in a bid to get their customers back. And since the US government and other international authorities were on their side, they were able to close down many legally-operating online pharmacies to the shock of many people. Sadly, there was nothing that can be done about it. Many customers of Pharma Store were again forced to painstakingly look for a different reliable online medicine source or purchase their drugs at local pharmacies.

The origins of Pharma Store go back to 2004 and the year when it was closed down was mid-2017. Overall, it had 13 years of selling pharmaceutical products to customers from all over the world. As for its selection of drugs, Pharma Store sold both prescription and over the counter medications. Its assortment of meds might not be as huge as what the local pharmacies have but Pharma Store offered popular meds on its site—drugs that were essential and were frequently bought by customers. Pharma Store did its best to provide the needs of its customers through its wide-ranging product selection, aiming to be a complete source of meds online. Pharma Store sold medicines under categories such as antidepressants, antibiotics, diabetes meds, cancer treatment drugs, muscle relaxants, skin care products, surgery medications, smoking cessation pills, drugs for hypertension, and many others.

Aside from its cheap medicine prices, what made people eager to purchase their meds from Pharma Store was the fact that it didn’t require any prescriptions for its prescription meds. Customers were able to freely purchase the medicines that they need from its site without worrying about costly and time-consuming doctor appointments just to get a prescription for buying their needed drugs. Because of this, customers had a pleasant experience of purchasing meds from Pharma Store as they were able to purchase their meds right away without faxing or emailing scripts and waiting for validation. Reviews

Pharmastore User Review

Due to the lack of sites that offer third-party reviews for Pharma Store, what we can only provide is an on-site review from its archived page. Pharma Store has already been closed for a long time and its site is no longer accessible. Visiting its domain name will only show a page that says that it has been seized by the US government due to some accusations. Reviews from third-party sites could’ve been much better as those could have provided us with a transparent and an unbiased view about Pharma Store as an online pharmacy. On-site reviews are also good but these reviews are not that trustworthy because of the possibility that they might have just been falsified or fabricated to serve the interests of the site itself. Nevertheless, here’s a review from the site of Pharma Store:

A customer named Jeremy ordered Cialis pills from Pharma Store and the reason for the review that he has given was to let others know that the pills that he bought worked just as great as the costly Cialis brand. He also shares that he managed to read reviews which said that its site was a scam but he was glad that those reviews were wrong since he managed to receive his ordered pills. The customer was quite pleased with the experience that he had with Pharma Store and is looking forward to ordering more in the future. Reviews 2018

There will no longer be any new reviews for Pharma Store as its site has already been closed for a long time. The only reviews for its site were the ones which are on its archived pages; on-site reviews which we know that are unreliable and insufficient proof of a site’s validity. Coupon Codes

Pharma Store Free Sample Pills
Pharma Store Free Sample Pills

Included with each of the orders of the customers were sample pills, free additional pills to the meds that they have ordered. It was not made clear on its site if these pills were the same as the ones that their customers have ordered or different ones.


Pharma Store was a pharmacy site that once existed, selling quality and affordable generic meds. It had thirteen (13) years of selling drugs on the web but was unfortunately closed due to the campaign launched by large pharma companies and corporate drugstores. It has no third-party reviews which could’ve helped us know what its reputation really is. But since the site is no longer available and is already closed, customers can instead check our top recommended providers.

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