Review – An Online Pharmacy with no External Customer Reviews Review - An Online Pharmacy with no External Customer Reviews is an online pharmacy with major operations from Cyprus and was established in 2008. However, it is important that you bear in mind that their drugs come from various locations including India, Hong-Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US. According to one of the support staff, I had a brief chat with, all the drugs; both brand and generics sold by this vendor are FDA approved. They sell a great number of medicines used for a variety of treatments. Note that one of the health conditions which they offer drugs for is the popular erectile dysfunction. I have seen a series of erectile dysfunction meds on this website. I saw the generics of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. I also saw Kamagra and Priligy. The generics of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are sold for $0.38, $1.12, and $1.04 per pill. Similarly, Kamagra and Priligy are sold for $3.01 and $1.89 per pill.

The methods of payments accepted by this vendor include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. And the shipping options are Ems Delivery ( Express with online tracking) and Standard Delivery (Registered Airmail Delivery). For the Ems delivery, orders arrive in 5 to 9 days with the maximum period (deadline) pegged at 14 days. On the other hand, takes 14 to 21 days with the maximum period (deadline) pegged at 30 days. They have not revealed the cost of each shipping option. Hence, I am unable to share it with you.

Regarding contacting their support team, you can easily use their live chat service. I tested it and it works just fine. I was responded to promptly. Even though the support staff did not sound really friendly I got the answers to my questions. Check out the screenshot of my chat. Live Chat Screenshot

Regarding the refund policy of this pharmacy, they give a refund if you claim that the product received was not effective. You would have to request for their return address which you would send the product to. When they receive the product, the refund processing would begin. Note that return of parcel must be done within 30 days of receiving it. Otherwise, you would not be eligible for a refund. Reviews

It is paramount for me to share with you the feedback from customers who have used this vendor in the purchase of medication. Their feedbacks would give us an idea of what to anticipate if they are patronized. For this reason, I went in search of reviews from this vendor. Though I found no independent reviews, I found testimonials on their website. I would be sharing some with you. However, it is important that you do not trust these reviews 100% since they are part of the contents included on their website. hence, on-site reviews are not totally credible.

Pharmacyvictoria Testimonial

Matthew from Australia is the reviewer here. he tells us about his experience being “unexpectedly amazing”. he lauded the price he got Cialis professional on this website and the effect of the drug. He concludes saying he would definitely be ordering from them again.

Pharmacyvictoria Testimonial

This second testimonial comes from Nickolas who resides in the United Kingdom. He also bought generic Cialis from this vendor. He commends the cheap price of the drug, the quality, and the general service rendered to him by this pharmacy. He says “never regret” the decision to try

Based on these reviews, we can say that this pharmacy satisfies its customers well. The problem, however, lies in the fact that these testimonials cannot be fully trusted. In reality, hardly would an online pharmacy publish a bad review on its website. And no matter how reputable a pharmacy is, there would be a couple of not-so-good reviews. These reviews could be as a result of unforeseen hitches in their services. What matters is that most of the reviews should be positive. Reviews 2018

Sharing reviews given in 2018 would help to determine the extent of satisfaction which they are giving their customers recently. It would also enable you to know their current reputation. Thus, aiding an appropriate decision as to whether they are safe to try out at all. The problem, however, is the fact that I have been unable to get recent customer reviews of this vendor. In fact, the reviews on their website do not contain the date in which they were written. therefore, it is impossible to decide which is recent. Similarly, with the absent of recent reviews from customers, we cannot ascertain their current performance regarding the satisfaction of their customers. Hence, I advise that you find a pharmacy that has positive external reviews. Coupon Codes

Pharmacyvictoria 10% Discount Offer

I also checked for discount offers for, here is what I found.

This is the only offer I found on this vendors website that is worthy of note. You get a 10% discount every time you reorder on this platform. they also give customers free pills on all erectile dysfunction orders.

Conclusion has both strengths and weaknesses. While this pharmacy is secured with an encryption, has a live chat service, and offers great prices; it lacks customer reviews from a credible source. This means a lot since it is customer reviews that point to the performance of a pharmacy in relation to customer satisfaction. Though the reviews on this website are positive, they cannot be depended on fully to make a decision regarding the reputation of this vendor. Additionally, recent reviews are lacking; also making it difficult to decide if it is safe to try them out at the moment.

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