Review – An Online Pharmacy with a Good Reputation Review - An Online Pharmacy with a Good Reputation is a South African online pharmacy that sells a wide variety of medicines to its customers. I have not been able to ascertain when this vendor was established. However, with what I see about this pharmacy, they must have been in existence for quite some time. The message I am trying to pass across is that it is not a newly established pharmacy. To search for drugs on this website, you simply have to search for the drug you wish to buy, by inputting the name in the search box. I wanted to be aware of if they sell popular ED meds, so I searched for the most popular ED meds which are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. And guess what? They all appeared in my search. Note that the price of these drugs is based on the current exchange rate of the South African Rand to the United States Dollar. 4 tablets pack of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are sold at $17.28, $50.95, and $58.03. From all indications, it appears the drugs sold on this platform are FDA approved. Hence, they should be safe and effective.

Furthermore, if you desire to talk to their customer support team, bear in mind that you would have to make use of a phone, fax, email or simply by leaving a message in their contact us page. No live chat service on this website. Their phone and fax are 0514306166 and 086 510 6205 respectively. Their email address is [email protected] in case you prefer using the email medium. You can also leave a message by filling out the form on their Contact Us page.

Pharmacynet Contact Us Form

Payment can be made on this website using Mygate, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. This pharmacy claims that they deliver worldwide to the doorsteps of customers at affordable prices. However, I have not seen any information regarding the method of shipping and the duration shipping takes. Furthermore, note that this pharmacy does not accept the returns of products, but they give full refunds in the event of damage or unsatisfied product quality. All matters regarding refunds should be directed to their email. If your complaint is that product received is defective, you would have to submit the product that appears defective in its original package along with a proof of purchase within 24 hours of discovering the harm. Reviews

I have gone in search of reviews of this pharmacy and luckily I have seen a reasonable number of reviews from a trusted independent source. To be precise, I got the customer reviews from Facebook and they seem honest to me. Therefore, sharing them with you would help in determining true experience of patients who have used this South African Pharmacy. Additionally, we would be able to their true reputation and see if it is safe to try them out.

Pharmacynet Customer Review

This customer sounds totally disappointed with the delivery service of this pharmacy. This is owed to the fact that his order has failed to arrive, even 3 days after the specified timing of shipping. He also expresses disappointments with this customer’s customer service; adding that they fail to resolve issues and give an adequate update. He has this to say; “poor customer service”.

This review doesn’t paint this vendor as being reliable. Since this review was given on their business facebook page, I expected a response from the vendor; explaining what really transpired. Sadly, no response. It appears their customer relations is truly not top of the line. Reviews 2018

The question now is, has this pharmacy obtained a good reputation lately through the utter satisfaction of its customers? There is only one way to find out and it is by going through more recent customer reviews. Therefore below are screenshots of recent customer reviews on From what I see though, it appears that this pharmacy has satisfied its customers in the recent times making it earn a good reputation among patients.


From the feedback of this customer, one can tell that this vendor has reached his expectations giving him a great customer satisfaction. He commends their service saying “best online service”. He added that they are they respond to customers swiftly. It, therefore, goes without that this vendor has improved.

Phaarmacynet Review

This review was dropped this year; just a few months back. From what this customer tells us, the service of this pharmacy is very reliable. He commends their service, delivery, and prices. He says “great service”.

From these recent reviews, it is absolutely apparent that they have been satisfying customers completely. The reviews point to the fact that the vendor has exuded qualities of a great customer support, great prices, and fast shipping. Trying them out is, therefore, not a bad idea as customers are being satisfied in recent times. Hence, there is a high proclivity of you being ultimately satisfied. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes and discounts are sort of a medium to make drugs cheaper for patients, making them save more and more on their medication purchases. Most top-notch Online pharmacies offer discounts to its customers. It shows the vendor cares about the patronage of its customers.

I searched for discounts offered by, but I found nothing. It appears this pharmacy does not accord much importance to discounts or coupons.

Conclusion appears to be an online pharmacy with numerous strengths. However, it has weaknesses as well. It is appalling that a pharmacy of this repute has no discounts offered to its customers to show that they are valued. Additionally, no live chat. Nonetheless, This pharmacy is fully secured with an encryption, It’s prices are fair, It offers numerous medications, and most of all it has a great percentage of good reviews found on the website of a trustable independent source. The recent customer reviews were very impressive. This implies that this pharmacy has got a good reputation among its customers. For this reason, I can recommend this pharmacy to you.

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