Review – An Affiliate Marketing Website with Unknown Location and Unproven Reviews Review – An Affiliate Marketing Website with Unknown Location and Unproven Reviews

Online Pharmacy Trust was an affiliate marketing site. This is a website that was being used by a bigger online drugstore to bring in more customers. The website did not have a date indicating when it was established. Also, I could not determine where the site was operating from since this information was also undisclosed on

Online Pharmacy Trust appeared to have been determined to offer people solutions to a large number of health complications. Its website had numerous meds which included alcoholism drugs, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease medications, analgesics, anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antifungals, asthma meds, cancer pills, cardiovascular medications, diabetes pills, and others.

The most advertised pills on the drugstore catalog were the ED pills. I decided to check their price in order to see if I could have managed to pay for any medications on A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $0.69 while generic Cialis was sold at a price of $1.30. Generic Levitra was the most expensive ED pill. It cost its buyers $1.50. Although this price was not the lowest, the pharmacy was very affordable.

Buyers were allowed to pay for their meds through a variety of methods. These included credit cards, EuroDebit, bank wire transfer, online check payment, MoneyGram, and Western Union. Out of all these payment methods, the best method to use was the credit card method. With this method, a buyer would have had the ability to dispute any charges made to his/her card in case the medication that he or she had paid for failed to show up.

The pharmacy was using either the courier service or the standard international airmail to ship medications. The courier method was costlier since buyers were supposed to pay $30 for every delivered order. To justify this extra cost, this method delivered medications within a period of about 5 to 9 days. The method had tracking too. Medication delivered using the standard international airmail took 10 to 21 days before they reached the buyer. The method did not have tracking. Airmail was extremely cheap as it cost buyers only $10.

For buyers who wished to cancel their orders, this could have been done within the first 24 hours after the buyer had placed an order. In case a buyer was not satisfied with the order he had received from, the pharmacy was accepting medication returns and giving a refund. The pharmacy was also re-shipping lost packages or giving a refund for the packages. To get a return address or to get a re-shipment or refund for lost the packages, the buyer was supposed to contact Online Pharmacy Trust. The pharmacy had a live chat and phone numbers buyers could have used to reach their customer support department. The phone numbers were +1 800 532 4808 (toll-free US) and +1 718 313 1498. Reviews

I did not locate any testimonials on third-party sites for the Online Pharmacy Trust drugstore. However, its testimonials page on the website had a large number of reviews. All the reviews were all positive but there was no submit review form. I have captured a couple of the reviews below:

Onlinepharmacytrust User Comment

Carlos reported that he managed to source his meds with ease at From what he is saying in his comment, it appears that he did not have any issues with the ordering process or the delivery. He reports that the pills arrived and he managed to do his time-sensitive objective. He recommended Online Pharmacy Trust to his fellow partners and co-workers.

James says that did a great job of delivering his medication to him. The product he received had the same quality as the one he had been sourcing in the local pharmacies. However, price made the product extremely affordable for him.

The reviews available on a drugstore website are not worth your trust. They may be crafted by the pharmacy management in an attempt to make you order your meds from the pharmacy after reading them and thinking that the drugstore is the best pharmacy. The best reviews are the ones available on third-party review collecting sites. Reviews 2018

Online Pharmacy Trust did not have any 2018 testimonials. The pharmacy may have been closed before 2018. Below, I have captured some extra testimonials I found on the drugstore website:

Onlinepharmacytrust User Testimonials

David and Mark ordered erectile dysfunction pills from David reported that his order had been delivered. After taking the pills and feeling the effect they produced he was happy enough to order again. His wife was more than surprised with the results produced by the ED pills. David himself felt like he was an 18-year-old again. Mark received his order too. He reported that his sex life improved. The pills got delivered to him on time. Coupon Codes

Onlinepharmacytrust Offers

Instead of focusing on offering their buyers coupon codes, Online Pharmacy Trust focused on having offers on its website. I have captured the offers I found on the drugstore website below:

When a buyer used Online Pharmacy Trust to order more than 100 erectile dysfunction pills, he would get 20 extra Viagra pills for free. If a buyer spent more than $150 on his or her order, Online Pharmacy Trust offered to ship the order for free. If a buyer decided to order medications for a second time at, he or she was getting a 5% discount.


Online Pharmacy Trust does not have any complaints from previous buyers online. Also, the pharmacy does not have proven testimonials. This means that trusting the drugstore couldn’t have been a so great idea since there is a possibility of the pharmacy being a fake pharmacy with nice copied reviews. The drugstore had very fair prices. All the medications on the drugstore catalog were affordable.

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