Review – An Online Pharmacy That Offered European and Indian Medicines Review - An Online Pharmacy That Offered European and Indian Medicines was an internet drugstore that acted as an online pharmacy and a broker or a fulfillment center. They partnered with FDA compliant pharmacies in order to deliver low-cost medications to customers. This business started in 2009 yet their close date was not available. They published that their brokerage and encashment partner was located in Zweistafpfle 6, 9496 Balzers, and Principality of Liechtenstein.

On their main page, there were 12 types of medicines offered by Medstore Online. They offered antibiotic drugs, anxiety pills, and drugs to fight arthritis, birth control pills, drugs for depression, diuretics, men’s health, muscle relaxant, painkillers, and drugs to treat insomnia and sleep disorders, and weight loss pills.

Under men’s health, they had Tadaga and Tadalafil under the generic Cialis category. Tadaga is sold for $88 for a pack of 30 tablets and $118 for a pack of 60. Tadalafil was sold for $95 for a pack of 39 and $129 for a pack of 60. Tadalafil was available in 20 mg. For generic Viagra, they had 100 mg sildenafil for $159 for a pack of 90 tablets. Lastly, they offered Maxidus for $74 for a pack of 30 and $112 for a pack of 60. Maxidus is an herbal medication that is equivalent to a Viagra hence it is called herbal Viagra.

For payment, accepted Visa and AmEx, bank wire transfer and E-Check. For bank transfer, the store will send their bank details to their customer thru email. Once payment is confirmed, the order will be processed and shipped. For bank transfer, a refund was possible but the customer will be charged the transaction fee of $28. Customers who paid with an E-Check had to wait longer because of the days it takes to clear the check then an order confirmation had to be completed. If the order confirmation (via phone call) was not completed, the order gets canceled after three days. E-Check was offered to their US customers only.

Once the order was shipped, an email confirmation will be sent to customers. This e-store offered its products to consumers in the US, the UK, France, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, and Spain only. All orders were shipped via International Airmail where delivery time takes up to 14 days for EU products and up to 18 days for Indian products. Orders were shipped from Europe and India. had a tracking page that allowed customers to track their orders by using their tracking number or order ID. Customers who didn’t want to track their on orders can contact Medstore-online via 877 340 6941 or 800 096 3317. They also had a live chat support team that can track orders and answer customer queries.

Aside from having a phone and chat support team, we are surprised to find that they also have a Skype team that can answer chat and call. They were the only online pharmacy that had such service.

This e-store had refund policies and reship orders as needed. They collect a transaction fee for refunds. Reviews operated for years starting in 2009. We are not able to obtain their close date but information on the web archive showed that their last saved information was in 2014. Assuming that they operated for 5 years, we hoped to see some reliable customer reviews from third-party review websites but found none.

Medstore-online Reviews

We did find two reviews from the on-site testimonial page of Medstore-online. The reviews we found were from Mike and Kim.

The testimonial from Mike revealed that he found out about this e-store thru a friend. He said it worked for him and that he had been using it without any problem. He loved the packaging and the tracking availability that this online pharmacy provided.

As for Kim, Kim said his three orders arrived on time hence he always order from them.

These two reviews were the only reviews that we found for Medstore-online and sadly, these were on-site reviews. On-site reviews mean that they can be manipulated or even unreal hence the very positive shared experience about the said e-store. Reviews 2018

Based on the web archived data we found, this e-dispensary closed down in 2014 hence they no longer have available reviews for 2018. Coupon Codes

As an online buyer, we always search for coupon codes before ordering from an e-store. With too many online pharmacies offering the same products at the same price, their differences often varies with the coupon code being used.

Medstore-online Perks

Apparently, Medstore-online didn’t release any coupon codes during their run. What they provided their customers were advantages and promotions such as fast and free shipping, guaranteed delivery, good quality products, best prices, and the ability of a customer to check his or her own order.

For the free shipping perk, a customer’s order must be at least $250 above to qualify.

Conclusion had a tagline that says they were the best pharmacy online. They offered Indian and European medicines. We are unable to find the location of this e-store but they informed their customers that the products they were shipping were from India and Europe. What we liked about this e-store were the different payment options they had and the different options to contact them. They had phone support team, email support team, chat support team, and a Skype team that answers calls and chats as well.

What we find uncertain about this e-store was the real reason why they closed down and why they lack customer reviews. For years of operating, they did not have a single reliable customer review and the review they had on their testimonial page was too fake to be true.

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