Review – Website Known for Its E-visit Requirement Review - Website Known for Its E-visit Requirement was an online pharmacy that dispensed medicines in four easy steps – you choose the medicine you need, you create or login to your online account, complete your medical consultation, and pay for your order. Once you reached step four, all you have to do is wait for your medicine to arrive from

This e-dispensary is no longer active and sends all traffic to a pharmacy called

During their run partnered with known pharmaceutical companies in the US to provide affordable branded medicines to their customers. They also offered some generic brands but mostly were branded medicines. They worked with Pfizer, GSK, Bayer, Eli Lilly, and Watson.

All medicines offered by Medicinesfaster were safe and reliable. They assured their customers that these medicines were FDA approved. Operating from the heart of AZ, this e-store only offered their medicines to US customers. Once you had a record with this e-store, they will assign a physician to you that can exclusively talk to as needed. They called them their ‘prescribing physicians.’

At, erectile dysfunction medicines were among the most popular drugs. They offered Viagra, Levitra, Cialis for ED and other medicines such as Staxyn, Chantix, Propecia, and Ella. They also offered Finasteride. The price of these medicines was high, yet the web store said that it included free e-visit. Surprisingly, we found these offers:

  • 3 tablets of Viagra for $277 plus free e-visit
  • 3 tablets of Cialis for $303 plus free e-visit
  • 3 tablets of Teva’s sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) for $141 plus free e-visit
  • 3 tablets of Levitra for $241 plus free e-visit
  • 30 tablets of Propecia for $218 plus free e-visit

These orders were delivered within the US via FedEx and USPS. Customers were able to choose FedEx next day delivery except on weekends, and USPS Express Mail and Priority Mail. Express Mail takes up to two business days while Priority Mail takes up to five business days for orders to get delivered. This online pharmacy served US customers only.

For payment, accepted credit cards. They were not able to accept insurance for payment.

For the ordering process, you have to select your medicine first from the list of drugs they offered. Once you have chosen, you will need to schedule an e-visit via their e-visit application. For states that do not require an e-visit, you can proceed with the payment at the checkout page.

All orders that were out for shipping were not eligible for cancellation or return. had advised their customers on their FAQ page that they do not accept the return of medicines in accordance to the FDA regulation.

For issues or question, they provided 866 460 1925 as their contact number. They also released an email address for customers who wanted to contact them thru mail. Their email address was [email protected] and [email protected] They also encouraged their users to send their queries via mail to, PO Box 6593, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 USA. Reviews was an online pharmacy that was no longer active. Searching for it on the web led us to its new domain name which is

When we use the web archive to search for it, it leads us to its older name which was After checking our sources, we are unable to find any old reviews for this e-store. Reviews 2018

We are unsure as to when started or stopped operating. Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain this information from the web archive. A third-party review website was unable to obtain such information as well. Indeed, there was a lack of information for this website and that includes lack of customer reviews for 2018.

We assume that they could have been closed by this time hence the lack of review. Coupon Codes

During the operation of, they did not release any coupon codes or promotions that can entice customers into checking their products out. It looks like this website didn’t need any promotions to make a sale. They had relied on their background and license from the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to make consumers believe their reliability as an online drugstore.

Conclusion was an internet pharmacy that operated from the US. Before dispensing a medicine, they required their customers to undergo an e-visit or web consultation with their licensed doctors. Without an e-visit, they were unable to dispense medicines. The web consultation is a part of the ordering process that cannot be skipped. This was the reason why they no longer require a prescription.

This e-dispensary didn’t accept insurance for payment. They were the only US-based online pharmacy that offered expensive medicines online although most of these offered medicines were branded and genuine. Aside from offering FDA-approved medications, they also said that they are compliant to the visions of the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine as well as HIPAA compliant.

We would have recommended this e-store if they had customer reviews. This web store had a very strict process before dispensing a medicine, something that most fake online pharmacies won’t do because it will keep consumers away. However, without a reliable customer review to back them up, we are not willing to risk it and advise consumers to try them or their new website, We are impressed though that they provided their office address.

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