Review – An Online Pharmacy That Disappeared Without A Trace Review - An Online Pharmacy That Disappeared Without A Trace used to be a web store of drugs yet it is no longer active after being seized by the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII. It is just one of the many online pharmacies shut down by the US government and its allied European agencies in fighting online stores that offer fake products.

This e-dispensary was one of the e-drugstores that didn’t leave much information about their operation. Their operator didn’t provide data about their start date and location.

Based on the web archived information we found, Mediaplace was one of the largest online pharmacies during its time. It offered at least 500 medicines from at least 40 medical categories. They offered drugs for allergies, infections, bladder and gout problem, diuretics, high blood, high sugar, high cholesterol, and cancer. They also offered medicines for mental disorders, inflammation, pain relief, neurologic disorders erectile dysfunction, and osteoporosis. Weight loss and hair loss treatment were also sold at this e-store.

For the pricing, they offered generic Viagra for $1.05, generic Levitra for $2, Caverta for $6.40, Intagra for $2.40, Kamagra for $2, and Kamagra Oral Jelly for $2.70. They also had trial packs for people who cannot decide on which ED brand to try. They offered combinations of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for $2.50. They also had Vigora for $2.80 and Viagra Super Active for $1.50.

The type of payments accepted by this e-store was a credit card, bank wire transfer, and e-check. For shipping, they offered Courier Service and Standard International Mail. Courier Service costs $30 and International Mail costs less than $20. It takes a week for Courier Service to deliver and three weeks for Standard Airmail. In addition, asked its customers to wait for another 5 days before reporting a lost or missing order. To report such issues, the number provided by Mediaplace were 800 532 4808, 718 313 1498, and 44 200 222 7084. had a refund policy and in case of missing or lost package, they assured their customers that they will take care of it without asking customers to pay for another shipping fee.

What is Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII?

Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII is a joint force project headed by the Homeland Security Investigation or HSI. They partnered with other agencies outside the US in order to have wider jurisdiction over international online pharmacies. With their joint power, the US government wouldn’t have to wait for an online pharmacy to deliver in the US so they can become under their jurisdiction.

Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII aims to put a stop to illegal web stores such as online pharmacies. They shut down websites that are selling counterfeit medicines and put on a seize order on their homepage.

Among the questions we have about this operation are:

  • Why are they not showing evidence when putting a seized order on websites
  • What happens to the website once proven that they are not selling counterfeit medicines
  • Do the US government and its team test the medicines offered by these seized online pharmacies to determine if they are indeed counterfeit
  • Are big pharmaceutical companies involved in this continuous operation to stop online pharmacies from thriving in the drug market
  • What happened to the operators of these seized online pharmacies

Although we understand and appreciate the effort that these government agencies are doing as they claim that it is to keep online consumers safe, we cannot help but wonder why there are too many online pharmacies being shut down at the moment. We also hope to see some evidence and not just orders. If you will visit, all you will see is the from the US government and Europol. Reviews

We found very limited information about and we are unable to find third-party customer reviews for this e-dispensary. However, we found their testimonial page and here are some of the testimonials they had.

Mediaplace Reviews

A testimonial from David shared that his experience with was good because the website was honest. David was happy with his experience.

Another testimonial was from Carlos who shared his excellent experience and promised to refer his friends to this e-store.

James also shared that they did a great job because of their high-quality products. James also appreciated the pricing of mediaplace.

The last review was from Geilert and he was thankful for the speedy delivery as well as the bonus pills he received.

In short, these customers had excellent experience with because of their good staff, good offers, and good pricing. We would love to experience these though but knowing that these are from their on-site reviews, we are still in doubt of its authenticity. Reviews 2018

According to the archived information we found about, this web store operated from 2009 until early 2018. However, we are unable to find old customer reviews and newer ones. It seems like all the information about this web store was removed from the web. Checking the web archived pages also directed us to the seized order from Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes information, promotions and special offers that released during their operation were unobtainable as of this writing. What we obtained were perks that the web store offered such as the following:

Mediaplace Perks

they offered a referral bonus to all customers who will refer a friend to mediaplace. A $5 savings is awarded for this bonus plus a discount code exclusive for you (for every successful referral).

They also gave a 5% discount to customers who will take their survey after ordering. To top it all, free pills in every order was also given by this e-store.

Conclusion was among the internet pharmacies that the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII, the 8th operation of the Europol and the US government to seize illegal online pharmacies have closed down. Based on the information we found, operated from 2009 to 2018. We are unable to find more information to confirm its reliability of the said e-store though.

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