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Med– is a Canadian online pharmacy that operated from January 2011 up to May of 2013 which is two (2) years and two months of service. It used to be a Canadian online pharmacy of good reputation but it had to close down due to the campaign launched by the large drugstore chains to close down sites like it. Med– is known for the affordable prices that it offers for its meds where customers used to save for up to 70% of their money compared to buying them drugs locally. Because of this low price offer of Med– and online pharmacies similar to it, the number of people buying their drugs at local pharmacies has been significantly reduced. Because of this trend, the large local drugstore chains have made a motion supported by the US FDA and domain registrar companies to close these small websites down, deeming them “illegal” and accusing them of selling counterfeit drugs. This campaign has been successful and many sites similar to Med– has also been put out of business.

The closing down of Med– is a disappointing news to its customers since the site has been a reliable source of quality and cheap drugs. The reason for the affordable medicine prices offered by Med– is not a secret as the reason why their meds are cheap is because they largely sell generic drugs. Med– also sells branded meds but a big part of its selection is composed of generic meds; drugs which have the same active ingredients as the costly branded drugs but with prices which are much lower. These drugs are sourced by Med– from GMP-certified pharma companies around the world, from countries where the manufacturing costs of drugs are low but the quality is similarly high. In tapping these sources and bringing them to a much larger platform which is the internet, Med– have successfully made low-cost, effective drugs available to all.

When Med– was still active as an online pharmacy, its most popular products are pills for the treatment of impotence, a condition also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). The ED pills on the top of its bestsellers list are the generic brands of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. The prices that it offers for these pills are so cheap that the prices at the local drugstores pale in comparison. Their generic Viagra tablets are only priced at $0.99 USD per pill, generic Cialis at only $1.95 USD each, and generic Levitra pills for only $2.82. Local pharmacy prices for these pills range from $68 to $90 USD per pill and the prices that were offered by Med– are more than 95% cheaper. These ED generics were sourced from pharma companies in countries such as Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, and India—countries where drug manufacturing standards are high but prices are unbelievably low.

Med– was also a member to renown pharmacy organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA). These associations are the proof that Med– was a legit site as sites that bear the CIPA and MIPA seals are only verified online pharmacies that sell genuine meds to their customers.

The shipping services that Med– used to offer are only two; the express mail service (EMS) and the regular airmail. Their customers who have selected the EMS paid only $20 for the shipping fee and got their orders within 3 to 8 days. Shoppers who chose its regular airmail only paid $10 USD for the service and only waited for 2 to 3 weeks for their orders to arrive. The payment methods that Med– used to accept when it was still available are only credit card payments. It has accepted all major credit and debit card payments to the convenience of their clients.

Med– Reviews

It’s already been years since Med– has been closed and third-party reviews for the site are no longer available nor accessible on the web. The reviews which are indicated above are on-site reviews which means that we can’t take them to be 100% genuine. There’s always a good chance that on-site reviews have been fabricated to serve the interests of an online pharmacy buy nevertheless, let’s take a moment to check these reviews out.

Med– User Reviews

The first one is from a client named Tyler from Austria. He remarks that Med– is a great website, a safe and secure pharmacy site to purchase medicines from. Tyler was able to purchase his prescription meds without scripts because according to his review, the site didn’t require him to provide one. He also commends the site’s helpful customer service people and unbeatable prices.

Lucas, a customer from the USA, commends Med– for its prompt delivery of his orders. He also wishes that the store would continue to be in contact with him as he needs more of the magic pills that he bought.

Pleased with the free bonus pills that he received from Med–, Evan from the USA also thanks the store for delivering his orders quickly. He also adds that the pills that he’s ordered worked great.

Med– Reviews 2018

There are no longer any recent reviews for Med– as the site has already been closed for a long time. The reviews on its site are the only reviews available for access and there’s nothing else on the internet. But as mentioned earlier, these reviews are not reliable as only third-party reviews can confirm if what was being said at the on-site reviews are true.

Med– Coupon Codes Free Pills

Med– Express Shipping Offer

Regardless of the amount of orders that the customers will make at Med–, they will get bonus ED pills added to their orders free of charge. Orders which are above $200 USD in amount are also entitled to be shipped for free through the express mail service (EMS).


Regrettably, Med– no longer exists as an online pharmacy even though it used to be a store where customers saved a lot of money while buying their prescription meds. It has already been closed for years but customers can always check our top list of recommended providers for other online pharmacy options.

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