Review – Internet Pharmacy Seized by the US Government for not Having Licence Review - Internet Pharmacy Seized by the US Government for not Having Licence was a drugstore that was affected by the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII – it means that this website is no longer active after being seized by the US government.

With the site being down, we don’t have any means to find any information about the pharmacy, we can only check the web archive records. Visiting redirect us to the seized warning message from the US government. The message says that this e-store was closed down due to selling counterfeit goods or medicines.

To get a clearer picture of Intpharmacy, we checked for some third-party review website that might write something about this e-store. Based on the information we gathered from third-party review sites, was a nine-year-old online pharmacy. The medicines they offered were directly shipped from India. They offered generic medicines that were Indian Food and Drug Administration approved. The medicines they offered were also compliant to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India.

Based on the said third party review, this e-dispensary used to have a 24/7 support team that can answer their customer queries any time of the day. They had phone, email, and chat support system. Their phone support number was not provided though. and Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII

The Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII is the 8th campaign of the US government and the Europol in order to put a stop to illegal online transactions between online sellers and their customers. The campaign aims to ensure the safety of all consumers online.

The question is, why would they target The US government and Europol provided the risks associated with dealing with illegal online stores. There are risks such as receiving counterfeit medicines, substandard, or fake ones. This risk is higher for consumers who are refilling their prescriptions online with online pharmacies. According to the Food and Drug Administration, only 5% of operating online pharmacies is real and the rest is a scam or fraudulent. This is the reason why Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII targeted pharmacies that has red flags. Red flags of an illegal online pharmacy include too good to be true promises, very affordable pricing, and too many guarantees. This is true.

However, another reason that online business owners are seeing is the fact that online pharmacies are getting more popular because of their affordable generic drug offers. If their popularity continues, most large pharmaceutical companies will eventually lose the sale of their expensive branded medicines. Hence, federal operations such as the Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII is being looked at as a way for big pharma companies to put a stop to online pharmacy madness, scare the people of using affordable online medicines, and continue refilling their prescriptions with expensive branded medicines from their local drugstores. Reviews

The possibility of selling counterfeit drugs is high among online pharmacies according to the Food and Drug Administration. The possibility of sending substandard generic medication is also high especially among Indian-based online pharmacies because they have access to Indian generic medications. Take note that one of India’s largest market to date is generic medicine production.

What is the chance that the medicines sold by during its operation were fake or substandard? We searched for customer reviews for Intpharmacy but found none. What we found was an overall rating provided to this e-store.

Intpharmacy Reputation

The overall rating of was 2.6 out of 5. They had 2.5 for customer service, 2 for the quality of their medicines, and 2 for value for money. The website said that that the rating was based on 131 reviews. We looked for reviews but found none to confirm this info. had their own testimonial page and here’s what we found:

Intpharmacy Reviews

A review written by Steve says that the generic V he ordered from this e-dispensary worked fine. He added that the price was good hence he will be staying with this e-store.

From France, a customer of intpharmacy also shared how thankful he was for receiving his order on time. He said the service was efficient and that he already referred this e-store to his friends.

Lastly, we found a shared story from an anonymous user who also talked about receiving his order in time and how effective it is.

As compared to the third-party overall review we found, these on-site testimonials are too-good-to-be-true and can possibly be fake. Reviews 2018

We are unable to obtain information as to when the Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII seized We did search the web for new customer feedback for this e-store but found none. Coupon Codes

Intpharmacy Perks

We searched for coupon codes that might have released in the past nine years but found none. It looks like this e-dispensary did not use any.

What they offered were promotions such as free pills and free delivery on orders above $150 and above. they also offered a 5% discount to all returning customers.


With the limited information we have about, we cannot say for now whether this e-store deserved to be seized by the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII.

With the seized order from the US government, visiting redirects us to the seized order and nothing more. We tried to use the web archive but all captured information gave us the same page – the seized order page.

For now, we believe that the US government and the Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII found some evidence that shows how conducted their business without legal approval. As consumers, we also want to understand it hence we hope to see more information in the future in case another online pharmacy gets seized again. A recent news from Europol says that more than 2,000 online pharmacies have been shut down recently due to selling counterfeit medicines without showing any shreds of evidence. At this rate, we can only speculate as to the real reason why online pharmacies are being seized one by one.

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