Review – Another Online Pharmacy Closed Down Due to Selling Unapproved Cheap Medicines Review - Another Online Pharmacy Closed Down Due to Selling Unapproved Cheap Medicines was an internet drugstore seized by the US government thru its Operation In Our Sites – Project TransAtlantic VIII. This international agency cracks down illegal websites known for offering counterfeit products. In the case of, it was shut down for allegedly selling counterfeit medicines.

When a website is seized by the US government and the Europol, the chance of getting information about the said website is slim. The seized domain will no longer be available and it will redirect you to the seizure message from Europol. The seizure message looks exactly like the one above (see the image of the website above). The worst part is, even saved images on web archive were changed to this seizure banner.

To gather information about Indiagenericmeds, we searched for third-party review websites that covered it in the past and used web archive records. Based on the data we gathered, here are some of the facts about this e-dispensary:

  • was an Indian-based online pharmacy
  • started in 2007
  • dispensed Rx medicines without asking for a prescription
  • offered prescription and nonprescription drugs
  • focused on offering erectile dysfunction drugs
  • accepted Visa and MasterCard only
  • had fulfillment centers in Mauritius, Singapore, UAE and India
  • had a support team that can be reached at 1 800 532 4808, 718 3131 1498, and 44 200 222 7084

Why Would the US Government Target was seized because they violated an online pharmacy rule and legislation. Based on the seizure notice, it says that the site was caught selling counterfeit products – since it is an online pharmacy, we assume they were selling counterfeit medicines.

Since we are curious as to why this online pharmacy was suddenly seized, we searched for possible reasons why the US government and its affiliated international agencies noticed

  • sold medicines at a very low price, prompting large pharmaceutical companies to worry about their sliding sales
  • offered generic medicines that are substandard according to large pharmaceutical companies
  • offered medicines that were not FDA approved
  • caused some large pharmaceutical companies to lose their products’ marketability due to price competition Reviews

A quick search on the website of Indiagenericmeds led us to their own testimonial page. Here are some of the reviews shared by their customers.

Indiagenericmeds Reviews

Robert from Canada wrote that he finally found the online pharmacy to trust with Robert said that he used different stores in the past and found the effective and fast service of this e-store as a top notch.

The second review was from Catherine who was thankful for receiving her order after a week. She added that the handling was very remarkable and she was just happy with the experience.

For the last review, we found the experience shared by Peter who mentioned how satisfied he was with the service and product he received. He added that with this e-store, he can now order his medicine anytime, anywhere.

These are just three of the positive reviews that we found on the testimonial page of These positive reviews can be found only on the shop’s own site which means that these can be easily faked as they are owned by the operators. Reviews 2018

We are not able to identify the close date of as the seizure banner from Europol and HSI did not indicate when they seized it or why they are seizing it in the first place. The only information provided by the agency was that they are closing it due to intellectual property rights violation. Regardless, we are unable to retrieve any 2018 customer reviews for this e-store. Coupon Codes

Indiagenericmeds Promotion

No coupon codes were associated with We also tried to search for promotions or special offers that this e-dispensary might have released or used to attract customers during their run but we found none as well.

What they had was a promotion for ED trial packs that give customers a discount of up to 15% per tablet.

Conclusion was an internet drugstore whose operation suddenly stopped after being seized by the Operation In Our Sites – Project TransAtlantic VIII. It means that it was suspected of intellectual property rights violation and selling of counterfeit medicines in the US and in some European countries. It was not clear if any of the owners of this website was indicted nor if the US government had proven that, they do sell counterfeit medicines. For a credible provider, consult our List of Reviewed Pharmacies.

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