Generics-From-India.Com Review – A Seized Online Pharmacy Offering Cheap Generics from Indian Companies

Generics-From-India.Com Review – A Seized Online Pharmacy Offering Cheap Generics from Indian Companies

Generics-From-India.Com is a drugstore that did not necessarily operate from India like its name suggests. However, the pharmacy was sourcing its medications from Indian manufacturers. The drugstore is not online anymore.

When I tried loading its website, I was met by a message that told me the pharmacy had been seized since it was participating in the trafficking of counterfeit medications. When I did some research, I realized that although the drugstore website had been seized by the security agencies, the Big pharma is behind the seizure. The big pharma has been losing customers to cheap pharmacies selling generic meds online. This is something that they do not like. To get the customers who have already found cheaper solutions in online pharmacies back, the local pharmacies have to close these pharmacies. They are using fake reasons such as the closed drug stores were selling fake meds in order to get the security agencies to close them.

Generics-From-India.Com was selling medications which have already gotten approval from the FDA. Some of the meds available on its catalog included arthritis pills, antibiotics, antivirals, asthma medications, birth control pills, cancer medications, cholesterol pills, and others. The store had fair prices. I checked the prices for the erectile dysfunction medications being sold on the pharmacy. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only 0.81 dollars. A pill of generic Cialis was worth only 1.29 dollars. Buyers were supposed to pay only 1.75 dollars.

The pharmacy was only accepting payments via credit cards. The store was charging the credit cards as soon as the buyer had submitted the order. It is only after the payment had succeeded the drugstore was initiating the order processing. The drugstore was shipping medications worldwide. It was using two methods of shipping. These included the EMS delivery and the Standard International Airmail. The first method was costing the medication buyer 29.95 dollars while the standard airmail was worth 9.95 dollars. EMS shipping method was faster. Medications shipped via this method took approximately 5 to 9 days before they arrived. The method was trackable. Airmail shipping took approximately 10 to 21 days and it did not have tracking. Generics from India did not allow its clients to return medications after they had already paid for them. Also, the drugstore did not allow its customers to cancel orders after they had placed them.

The drugstore was easy to reach. It had both phone numbers and a live chat option. The Phone numbers which buyers could have used included +1 (646) 205 2937 (regular) and +1 866 417 5821 (Toll-free US).

Generics-From-India.Com Reviews

After searching the web for a long time, I could not locate even a single testimonial for Generics from India. The pharmacy did not appear too popular. However, the med store had a large number of testimonials on its website. The testimonials were all positive. These testimonials were hard to believe. This is because I have come across a large number of pharmacies which are fake but have nice testimonials on their websites.

These testimonials are usually created by paid people or by the pharmacy management itself in an attempt to get the online drugstore to look spotlessly clean. If you trust the reviews you locate on the website of an online drugstore, you will be misled and you might end up purchasing your meds from a fake drugstore without knowing it. The testimonials which will never mislead you when you trust them are the ones available on external review-collecting websites. Just to act as proof that the pharmacy had nice testimonials on its main website, I have captured a couple of its testimonials below:

Generics-From-India.Com User Comments

After taking the drugs he had sourced at Generics-From-India.Com, KW reports that the meds worked fantastically. He never observed any side effects while using the medications. Steven appreciated everything about Generics-From-India.Com in his review. He said that the people running Generics-From-India.Com were fantastic. Carl says that the pills he received from Generics-From-India.Com worked great. The surpassed his expectations. Goran thanks Generics-From-India.Com. He says that he had received his meds. They had arrived faster than he had been expecting.

Generics-From-India.Com Reviews 2018

I could not locate any Generics-From-India.Com reviews available in 2018. However, I did not find any negative comments about the drugstore either. If this pharmacy was selling fake meds as the agencies which have captured it claim, the pharmacy is supposed to have complaints. Since these are not available, we can assume that the pharmacy was not selling counterfeit goods and the plan to close it was initiated by the Big pharma in order to try and safeguard its overly expensive meds. Below are some more testimonials I found on Generics-From-India.Com website:

Generics-From-India Reviews
Generics-From-India Reviews

Generics-From-India.Com Coupon Codes


I could not locate any coupon codes on Generics-From-India.Com. The only offer available on the drugstore website was the one I have captured below:

The pharmacy was offering its customers some free pills. These were supposed to act as samples although they were being delivered together with the customer’s order. The free pills were erectile dysfunction pills.


Generics-From-India.Com was focusing on distributing medications manufactured by Indian pharmacies. These meds are generally cheaper than the brand drugs sold by local pharmacies. The big pharma used the security authorities to seize Generics-From-India.Com so that they could minimize the competition the cheaper online drug stores usually pose. The pharmacy did not have any proven testimonials. This means that trusting it 100% was not a very good idea since the positive testimonials available on the drugstore website could have been fake.

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