Review – Where Generic Medicines Are Prioritized Review - Where Generic Medicines Are Prioritized is an online pharmacy that prioritizes dispensing affordable generic medicines instead of branded ones. This internet drugstore believes that the effect of generic drugs is as good as the branded ones. It is a drugstore that has been operating since 2010 and for the last 8 years, they have been helping a number of customers to obtain their medication at the lowest price possible. This e-store is based in Singapore.

The medicine offered by Generic Doctor is long. They offer generic Tadalafil, generic sildenafil citrate, and generic Vardenafil. They also have the branded counterpart of this erectile dysfunction medicines. They also offer generic brands of weight loss pills, hair loss pills, antismoking drugs, antipsychotic medicines, antidepressant, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. If you are looking for affordable over the counter and prescription medicines, check the list of drugs offered by Generic Doctors.

For a branded Tadalafil (Cialis), the price is $19.95 per pill. The generic counterpart of Cialis costs $1.10 per pill. For a branded sildenafil citrate (Viagra), the price is $17.75 per tablet while its generic counterpart only costs $0.94 per pill. For a branded Vardenafil (Levitra), the price is $13.75 per pill and is generic brand costs $1.45. There are other brands of erectile dysfunction medicines that you can find on Generic Doctor and most of them are from India. They also offer Oral Jelly and Soft tabs for people who don’t want to take tablets.

With their experience in the online pharmacy business, Genericdoctor is able to provide their customers with different ways of processing a payment. They now accept Visa, MasterCard, EntroPay Virtual Card, eCheck, Debit Card, and Bank Wire Transfer.

For shipping, you can opt to have Registered International Shipping or Express Shipping. Orders above $150 are qualified for free Registered International Shipping and orders above $250 are qualified for free Express Shipping. The rate for these shipping methods depends on your order’s destination.

For cancellation, changes or reshipping of orders, you should check the policies of For cancellation and refund, a fee of $25 may apply. A reshipping of order is possible if the problem was not within the control of both customer and company. For immediate action in case you have issues with your order, you should contact at 844 338 5668. You can a send them a direct message on their contact us page or a mail them at Amtel ventures Ltd., 14 Robinson road #13-00, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545. Reviews

Online reputation is a crucial thing in keeping an online business. An online reputation can be built through customer reviews. If you have a number of awesome and positive customer reviews, chances are people will start and continue trusting your business. After checking some of the reviews of, we can say that they are aware of the importance of customer reviews.

Genericdoctor Reviews

Alvin and Jennifer were two of the happy customers of Generic Doctor who are willing to share their experiences online. Alvin said he learned of this e-store from his friends. One of his friends is a loyal Generic Doctor customer according to Alvin. Upon ordering, he was taken by the cheap price and free pills. Alvin added that his condition is now a lot better after taking the drugs he ordered from this e-store.

For Jennifer, she was impressed with the reviews she read about Generic Doctor that’s why she decided to order from them. She loved the price and the easy design of the website. Jennifer said that the medicine she received is effective and she is now giving some to her husband.

There are two things in these reviews – Generic Doctor is highly recommended and they deliver effective medicines. It could have been a great review yet these are from on-site testimonials and since it is owned by the website, we cannot use it as a reliable source of customer reviews. Reviews 2018

Aside from the positive reviews in the last few years, Genericdoctor seems to have a knack for keeping their customers happy and satisfied. Some of their newer reviews say so.

Genericdoctor Reviews 2018

A review from Kavana na na na shows how was able to resolve her problem with her acne. She said the acne medicine that her mom ordered was highly effective. To top it, they even sent her the pills for free.

Another customer El Chupacabra also gave a rating of 5. According to this user, he was devastated to learn that he has ED at a young age. Luckily, his doctor prescribed him Forzest which he found in El Chupacabra was happy that he was able to process his order without any issue and received it as promised. He also loves the packaging, it is very discreet and professional.

However, we noticed that the only reviews they have are from their own website and for all we know, could be controlled by the e-store. For this reason, we can not recommend this e-store as the reviews are not reliable. Coupon Codes

As a way of giving back to all the people who are staying with Genericdoctor, this e-store is continuously giving out perks and coupon codes to their customers.

Genericdoctor Coupon Codes

Three coupon codes were released by to help their customers save more. The first coupon code was for an 8% discount while the other two are for free shipping. The third one even comes with free pills. To use any of the said coupon codes, click on the ‘get deal’ button. You can only use one code for each order.

Conclusion is one of the longest-running online pharmacies that bravely gave their address in case customers need to reach them in person. We also like the wide range of medications they offer and the prices.

For 18 years since they started offering medicines, we can say that is one of the most budget-friendly internet drugstores. Their website has a very easy to use interface. Most of their customers are said to be satisfied with the delivery time and the quality of medicines they received but that is something we could not confirm through the independent reviews not owned by the pharmacy.

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