Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary use of this house?

To be used by organizers from outside Washington DC, while in Washington DC, in support of protest, creative/nonviolent direct action, and movement building.

Will certain people get to live in this house full time?

In general, no; but we will have some people live here for longer periods as caretakers to ensure continuity and responsible stewarding. This is not a housing solution for some lucky activists; it’s a shared resource to be put in use.

Why is this resource important?

We are activists and organizers mostly from outside of Washington DC. Most of us know what it’s like to be without enough resources. As we look towards (at least) four years of a Trump Administration, we expect numerous mobilizations and actions to take shape. This “house of resistance” will serve the movements and organizers who most need it, providing a base of operations, a comfortable resting spot, and a home away from home.

How long will District 13 exist?

Our current plan is to raise enough funds to last a year. That’s enough time to see if this is worth doing longer. For us, this entire project is an experiment in capacity building.

How will District 13 interact with local Washington DC activists and organizations?

We’re clear that this is not an intervention in the local politics of Washington DC. We expect to have a very limited role in local or community issues based there. That said, we are including local organizing stalwarts to advise us and guide us in forming strong and productive relationships. We note in particular the DC Action Lab, Institute for Policy Studies and the Washington Peace Center as being in the activist community we seek to interact with.

What about operations outside DC?

We aim to create a model that local activists outside DC can do in their own city or state. Similar to the way our digital operation has been a success, we want activists to see a good idea and run with it. We can’t buy a house in DC, but activists could in Harrisburg. We’ll be able to show them how to resist and organize in their communities.

Who will District 13 be accountable to?

The names listed above, the movements and organizations they are part of, and the community of donors and supporters forming around this project. Financially and legally, we will be a business with strong protections for those listed on the lease. (This business will generate no profit.)

What does this fundraiser pay for?

Our initial goal is to raise at least $50,000. This will cover a year’s rent for our house. If we can raise more, we’ll use it to help with travel stipends for activists, logistical support for actions, and hosting/food expenses.

What if I want to support the project anonymously, by check, or have a non-monetary donation?

Email us at – we’re happy to provide an address for donations by mail. Thank you!