Favoritedrugstore.com Review – A Fairly Trustworthy Pharmacy with a Responsive Customer Support Team

Favoritedrugstore.com Review – A Fairly Trustworthy Pharmacy with a Responsive Customer Support Team

Favoritedrugstore.com is a web drugstore that does not indicate its actual physical location and the year when it was founded. The drugstore indicates that it is trusted by millions of USA customers. If this is true, it means that the drugstore has been on the web for quite a long time to be able to gain this trust. The pharmacy does have a large catalog. Some of the medications I found on the drugstore catalog include allergy medication, asthma medication, arthritis drugs, birth control pills, blood pressure medication, cancer meds, cholesterol pills, diabetes medication, hair loss medication and more.

The drugstore most popular pills appear to be the erectile dysfunction pills. I decided to determine whether the pharmacy is actually affordable by checking the prices of these pills. A pill of generic Viagra is worth $0.36. generic Cialis is sold at a price of $1.07. Generic Levitra will cost the buyer $0.99. This price is affordable. Even a man who is under a budget will have the ability to pay for these ED pills. The drugstore sells medications which have already received the FDA approval. I could not locate any controlled substances on the drugstore catalog.

The pharmacy indicated that payments are accepted in the form of credit cards and E-Checks. The pharmacy accepts every major credit card. This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover. Paying with a credit card makes it possible to dispute the charges made by the pharmacy if the medications you paid for fail to get delivered. Favoritedrugstore.com does have a money back guarantee. This means that there would be no need to dispute the charges unless the drugstore fails to honor this guarantee.

Shipping is done via 2 methods. These are the trackable courier service and the Airmail service. The trackable courier service will cost the buyer $30 while the airmail method is worth $10. Both shipping methods are trackable. The tracking becomes available for the trackable courier service in 2 days and becomes available for the Airmail delivery after 4 days. The trackable courier delivery will deliver medications within a period of 5 to 9 days with a deadline of 14 days while the airmail method will take 14 to 21 days with a deadline of 30 days. If a product is shipped and it fails to reach the buyer, Favoritedrugstore.com promises to refund the buyers money or re-ship the product for free.

Communicating with the Favoritedrugstore.com customer support department is extremely easy. The pharmacy has a live chat option. I did try the live chat and I found it to work well. Here is the chat I had with one of their support agents:

Favoritedrugstore.com Live Chat

The drugstore does have phone numbers that buyers can also use to reach out to them in case they need any help. The numbers to use are +1 888 523 7141 (united states toll-free) and +44 808 189 1420 (United Kingdom).

Favoritedrugstore.com Reviews

My search for testimonials written by buyers for Favoritedrugstore.com led to the testimonials page available on the drugstore website. The reviews available on this website were all positive. This is to be expected considering that no pharmacy would place a negative testimonial on its website. Here are some of the reviews I found:

Favoritedrugstore.com Testimonials

Karlsson reports that she tried Clomid 10 mg in order to just see whether it would work for her. When her doctor suggested that she take a 20 mg dosage, she decided to order the medication at Favoritedrugstore.com together with some other medications. After taking the pills, she started ovulating within the first week and got pregnant that very same month.

The second reviewer reported that she got amazing results with the female Viagra she obtained at Favoritedrugstore.com. She reports that she takes the female Viagra 100mg approximately half an hour before sex and it makes things much easier.

The fact that Favoritedrugstore.com has numerous positive testimonials on its website does not mean that it is a website you should trust. The drugstore could have faked all these reviews in order to get people to order from the pharmacy. I have come across numerous pharmacies which fake their testimonials to attract and steal from unsuspecting customers.

Favoritedrugstore.com Reviews 2018

Favorite Drugstore does have some reviews written at the beginning of the year 2018. I have captured these below:

Favoritedrugstore.com Testimonials

Nicola was having trouble with high blood pressure and she obtained Lasix at Favoritedrugstore.com and used it. While she reports that this medication is not the perfect solution, it worked for her. Emmanuel obtains his Priligy 60mg from Favorite Drugstore. The pharmacy always gives him discounts and fast service. Ordering is not complicated for him. He is able to place an order with a few clicks. In the beginning, he had to enter some few details but the drugstore remembers these now.

Favoritedrugstore.com Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes for Favoritedrugstore.com. What I did find were some offers on the website. I have illustrated these offers below:

Favoritedrugstore.com Offers

The drugstore does offer free ED medications. Buyers are not supposed to pay for the package delivery insurance. The drugstore itself takes care of this cost. When a buyer purchases medication and enjoys the whole ordering process such that he or she orders again, the drugstore does offer him or her a 10% discount.


Favoritedrugstore.com does have affordable prices. Also, the payment methods offered by the pharmacy are safe since buyers who use credit cards have the ability to dispute charges. The drugstore, however, does not have proven testimonials. Since the testimonials available on the site could be faked, buyers should be careful when using the drugstore. The pharmacy has a very active customer support department which is impressive.

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