Endlessmeds.com Review – A Closed Pharmacy Referral Site with Affiliates All Over the World

Endlessmeds.com Review – A Closed Pharmacy Referral Site with Affiliates All Over the World

Endless Meds was an online pharmacy referral website whose affiliations extended to a good number of pharmacies around the world. Its aim when it still existed was to provide customers with cheaper medicine alternatives since local drugstore prices for medicines were quite high for an average person to afford. On its website, Endless Meds claimed to have had over 30 000 members who enjoyed the benefits that its site has offered. The pharmacies that were affiliated with Endless Meds were located in countries such as Mexico, Canada, India, South America, and other specific countries in Asia—places where drug prices were regulated by the government unlike in the US. The advantage that Endless Meds had offered to its members was that they were able to have full access to its pharmacy listings. This is where its members were able to compare prices and products and choose the best ones based on their own preferences. Endless Meds gave its members the freedom to choose from the wide product selection provided by its various pharmacy affiliates.

The savings that Endless Meds offered to its members was 70% compared to the local pharmacy prices. This wasn’t only for the generic medicines but for the branded drugs as well since a good number of medicine brands that were expensive in the US had remarkably affordable prices when sold from other countries. Although the medicine prices that were offered by the pharmacy affiliates of Endless Meds were cheap, these stores only offered FDA-approved products which were sourced only from GMP-certified pharma companies. The quality of the medicines that were provided by the affiliates of Endless Meds was also top-notch, on par with the expensive medications that were offered by the local drugstores.

But unlike the free membership that was offered by the online pharmacies, a membership fee was charged by Endless Meds from its clients. The perks of this membership at Endless Meds was unlimited access to its partner pharmacies, 24/7 support, and access to online physician consultation sites that prescribe Schedule II pain medications. Regulations for the sale of Schedule II meds were very strict as these medicines were under the controlled substances act of the DEA. Endless Meds offered its members access to these online physicians that provide prescriptions for these meds and this made it easier for them to obtain their needed drugs.

Aside from over the counter and prescription products supplied by the partner pharmacies of Endless Meds, these drugstores also offered vitamins, minerals, herbal products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics. The site of Endless Meds acted as a gateway to these websites who also included freebies to the products that its members have purchased. Endless Meds also had associate pharmacies that sold pet supplies, pet medications, and veterinary supplies for its customers who looked for them. Compared to the local veterinary supply shops, the suppliers and pet pharmacies under Endless Meds sold products at much cheaper costs. Up to a 90-day supply of veterinary drugs were offered by Endless Meds to its clients and Endless Meds also updated the medicine prices constantly on its site to give its clients the best deals.

As for prescriptions, it was not very clear if this was still required by Endless Meds from its members. We also don’t know if the membership of its clients were already sufficient for them to be allowed to purchase prescription drugs from its affiliate drugstores. Maybe this was the case since there was no prescription policy indicated anywhere on its site. It’s also possible that if ever there were prescriptions required, it was provided by the online physician consultation sites that were associated with Endless Meds. But as for pet medications, no scripts were required by the partner vet supplies from the members of its website.

For some undisclosed reasons, Endless Meds simply closed its site down and disappeared from the web back in 2015. No one knows why it did so but all in all, it had a total of 16 years of service.

Endlessmeds.com Reviews

The testimonials below were from the website of Endless Meds itself and these were the reviews that were given by its members. To protect the privacy of its members, Endless Meds have omitted the names of the people who gave these reviews on its page and simply made these feedbacks anonymous with their place of origin retained.

Endless Meds User Reviews
Endless Meds User Reviews

The first review was from a member of Endless Meds who previously spent $40 USD for Vasotec, a drug for normalizing the blood pressure. But after finding out about the various overseas medicine suppliers and pharmacies that Endless Meds had, he managed to purchase from a pharmacy located in Greece that sold the exact same medicine for only $7 USD which gave him a lot of money left for savings.

Coming from Kennewick, Washington, the next review for Endless Meds was from a patient who battled with HIV for years since the medicine that he was looking for was not available in the US. Fortunately, his medicine was available at Endless Meds and he’s now hopeful about the improvement of his condition.

For the last review, it was from a wife whose husband’s memory started deteriorating. The doctors weren’t able to find a cure for her husband but she found the medicines that her husband needed on the list of Endless Meds. And with the use of the medicines that she has purchased from its affiliate pharmacies overseas, her husband’s condition improved.

Endlessmeds.com Reviews 2018

Endless Meds no longer operates and its site has been closed since 2015. But here’s a third-party testimonial for the site back in 2014 that showed it wasn’t only good on its onsite reviews but from outside as well.

Third-Party Review for Endless Meds
Third-Party Review for Endless Meds

If the onsite reviews from Endless Meds were positive, a third-party review for its site also reflects the satisfaction of a customer named Philip Rand for the great service that he was given. He and his wife saved money on their meds and because of that, he gave the site a 5-star score.

Endlessmeds.com Coupon Codes

Although it wasn’t mentioned what those freebies were, its value was $14.99 USD and it can only be availed once a member of Endless Meds purchases from both the pharmacy and veterinary supply listing which is on its website.

Endless Meds Bonus Offer
Endless Meds Bonus Offer

The bonus product that the customers received either came from its vitamins selection, herbal products, or its cosmetics list.


Endless Meds was a pharmacy referral website whose partner pharmacies all over the world sold medicines, dietary supplements, herbal products, veterinary meds/supplies, and cosmetics at affordable prices. Sadly, its site is already closed and it’s no longer in business. Even though this was the case, customers can still find reliable medicine sources from our list of top recommended providers.

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