Edmedrx.com Review – An Online Pharmacy with No Genuine Customer Reviews

Edmedrx.com Review - An Online Pharmacy with No Genuine Customer Reviews

Edmedrx.com was a drugstore online that offered common and popular medications worldwide. Based on the archived information, this website operated from 2012 to 2014. On their page, it says that Edmedrx was a leading distributor of generic and branded medicines. The location of this e-store was not disclosed on their website.

Among the medicines, they offered were drugs used to treat infections (viral and bacterial), allergies (asthma), depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high sugar level, and erectile dysfunction. They also offered medicines that can help in an erectile dysfunction medicine, click losing weight, treat baldness, eye care medicines, hormones, gastro products, cardiovascular medications, cancer drugs, and birth control pills. The categories of medicines they used to offer was long and the brands of medicines they had were too many.

In searching for a medication that you need, you can use the category list or the search box. If you will use the search box, make sure that you knew the name of the medicine you need. If you will use the category option, just click on the medical condition you have and search for the medicines under it. For example, you are looking for an erectile dysfunction medicine, click on erectile dysfunction and you will find a list of ED brands they have.

Under the erectile dysfunction category, Edmedrx.com had at least 30 brands of ED drugs. They offered Viagra for $0.92 per pill and they had different types of Viagra. They offered Viagra caps, Viagra Gold for $8.68 per pill, Viagra Soft, Viagra Professional, Sublingual Viagra, and Pfizer’s Viagra for $6.51 per tablet, red Viagra, Viagra Super Active, and Viagra Jelly. They also offered generic Cialis for $1.31 per pill, Cialis Soft, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Daily, Cialis Jelly, Cialis Black, Lilly’s Cialis for $6.26 per tablet, flavored Cialis, and Cialis Professional.

Other brands of erectile dysfunction medicines that they offered include Kamagra, Malegra, Tadalis, Suhagra, Tadapox, Apcalis, Intagra, Silvitra, Penegra, Tadora, Stendra, and Super P Force.

During their operation, Edmedrx accepted credit cards and E-Checks for payment. They also offered two shipping methods but the cost depends on the destination of the order. The shipping methods offered were EMS delivery and Airmail Service. EMS shipping takes up to nine says while Airmail takes up to 21 days. EMS Shipping can be tracked via the ‘track order’ page of Edmedrx.com.

Edmedrx.com offered guaranteed shipping and 100% customer satisfaction. In case of missing or lost package, customers can report it to the support team of Edmedrx.com and can request for reshipping free of charge. Unhappy customers can also request for a full refund.

For customer queries, this e-store provided 888 524 7141 and 44 808 189 1420 as their phone support numbers. During their run, they also had a live chat support system and a ‘contact us’ page where customers can send them a direct message.

Edmedrx.com Reviews

With customer reviews, we can get a clearer picture of how an e-dispensary operated. Customer reviews can tell us whether they operated with honesty or delivered genuine medicines. However, some e-stores are making use of fake customer reviews to promote their stores. This is the reason why we always rely on third-party reviews instead of on-site reviews. Apparently, for Edmedrx, it seems like they only have on-site reviews. Here are some of them.

Edmedrx.com Reviews

We picked three customer feedbacks from the testimonial page of Edmedrx.com. Here is the sum up of the reviews they shared:

  • Johnny said he received genuine medicines
  • Johnny said his credit card was not compromised
  • Johnny said the support team of Edmedrx.com were helpful
  • Mike said their phone and chat support were helpful
  • Mike said they sent packages in a discreet packaging
  • Mike said the products he received looked exactly as the one on the picture
  • Stephen said that his credit card information was secured first by the store to prevent fraud
  • Stephen said he believed that Edmedrx.com was an honest pharmacy

Despite garnering positive reviews from these three customers, we cannot confidently recommend Edmedrx because these reviews are from their testimonial page. On-site reviews are mostly fake and were written by fake people. These are used by the store owners to promote their stores free of charge.

Edmedrx.com Reviews 2018

Edmedrx.com had been inactive for the last few years and because of its inactivity, customer reviews for 2018 are no longer available. We checked if the store had moved to a new domain yet we are unable to confirm this as of this writing.

Edmedrx.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are provided by most online stores as a way to win new customers. It is also their way of keeping old customers and making them loyal. We looked for coupon codes that Edmedrx.com might have released in the past but found none. We also looked for promotions or special discounts to no avail as well. The saved pages of Edmedrx.com on the web archive does not contain any information regarding perks or promotions that Edmedrx had run when it was still active.


Edmedrx.com was an online pharmacy that offered different medications for common medical conditions. As their name suggested, most of their offers were generic erectile dysfunction brands. The store operated for two years based on the archived information we found.

Edmedrx.com offered affordable medications. They also offered different options that customers can take advantage of such as shipping options and payment options. They also had available support system via phone and chat. They even have a ‘contact us’ page for customers who wanted to send them an email query. The only doubt we have about this e-dispensary was their lack of genuine customer reviews. Their only reviews were on-site testimonials and as an online consumer, we believe that on-site testimonials are not reliable.

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