E24rx.com Review – Buy Affordable Medications Online

E24rx.com Review - Buy Affordable Medications Online

E24rx.com is an online drugstore that has been providing pharmaceutical services to the customers for over 3 years. Canadian pharmacy claims to be among the leading online drugstores that stock safe generic medications that are manufactured by reputable manufacturers from India. E24rx.com has been approved by the Indian FDA, CPA, and MIPA. It also claims to conduct its operations according to the regulations set by all the relevant authorities. E24rx.com is located in the Netherlands though this is not clear as there are claims that it could be based in London.

The medications stocked are subdivided into various categories so that you will be able to place your order within the shortest possible time. Some of these categories include Anti Alcohol, Antiviral, Arthritis, Bestsellers, Antibiotics, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Birth Control, Men’s ED Packs, Pain Relief, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Hormones, Muscle Relaxants, Men’s Health, Weight Loss, And Motion Sickness, among others. Some of the medications stocked will require a prescription which should be submitted before the order is processed.

The bestsellers have been displayed on the homepage so that will not go through any trouble to find them. Some of these include the brand Viagra which is sold at $1.66, Brand Cialis which costs $3.72 per pill, Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Tastylia, Viagra Professional, Cialis Super Active, Cialis Professional, Generic Propecia, Doxycycline, Levitra, Cialis Jelly, Generic Lyrica, Generic Cipro, Generic Accutane, Black Cialis, Viagra Super Active, Generic Cytotec, Generic Clomid, and Generic Valtrex.

The accepted modes of payment at erx.com are Credit Card, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Card, eCheck, and Bank Wire Transfer.

The shipping of medications from Canadian pharmacy will be done via Trackable Courier Service which will cost $50 or the International Unregistered Mail which will cost $10. For the Trackable courier method, the drugs will be delivered in a maximum of 9 days and the Unregistered Mail will take a maximum of 21 days for the delivery of the drugs. If you order brand medications, you will have to pay for the Trackable Courier method.

If the medications are not delivered within the stated time frame, e24rx.com will re-ship the medications free of charge or issue a refund for the amount spent when purchasing the medications.

To contact e24rx.com, you can make a call using the numbers +1 855 827-83-87 for the residents of the United States or +44 808 189-02016 for the residents of the United Kingdom. You can also send a message to the customer service team using the contact form provided on the website and a response will be sent to your email. There is no option of a live chat and customers will have to make a call if there is an urgent matter that requires the attention of e24rx.com.

E24rx.com Reviews

The available reviews about e24rx.com are only available on their website and they are positive. Customers talk of the effectiveness of the pills received and the fast delivery of their orders as well.

Carmel appreciates the help that was granted to her when placing her order. She says that the customer service team was very kind to her.

Jane Saunders placed an order and when the pills were delivered, she found them very effective. In addition, she did not suffer from any side effects after taking the pills.

42 years old Antonetti keeps her review short and to the point. She sends her appreciation for the way the pills sold by e24rx.com saved her from death.

Mark sent his appreciation for the delivery of the products he had ordered.

E24rx.com Reviews

These reviews are on the website that hosts e24rx.com and it is possible that they have been manipulated to create a positive image to the clients. As a result, they cannot be used to measure the credibility of e24rx.com.

E24rx.com Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews from customers who have been buying medications from e24rx.com are also available on their website and they are positive. Customers are happy that they paid less for their medications and are also glad that the pills were very effective.

Tom says that the medications delivered by e24rx.com are worth the price that he paid for them. He also adds that he will never buy from any other online pharmacy.

Charlotte purchased medications for her daughter and she is happy with her progress after taking the medications. She refers to Canadian pharmacy as God’s angels here on earth.

Kathy says that she is amazed by the quality of the services offered by e24rx.com. She recommends that they open a Facebook fan club where they will share their experiences after the purchase of medications from e24rx.com.

Tiffany is glad that there is a wide range of medications sold at e24rx.com that customers can choose from. The prices of these medications are also very competitive.

E24rx.com Reviews

These reviews are on a website that is managed by the owners of e24rx.com and they could have been twisted to portray erx24.com as a reliable online pharmacy. This means that they cannot be used to determine if this is a legitimate online pharmacy or a scam.

E24rx.com Coupon Codes

There are a few discounts that customers buying medications from Canadian pharmacy will enjoy.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer
Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

For all orders that will have more than 60 pills, free Viagra or Cialis pills will be given. The number of free pills will be determined by the number of pills purchased with the person who buys the most pills getting the highest number of free pills.

Shipping of orders that will be over $200 will be free via the Airmail Shipping method.


E24rx.com is an online pharmacy that does not have reviews from independent review sites which makes it very hard to determine if it is a reliable online pharmacy or not. There is an indication that Canadian pharmacy has been approved by some of the regulatory bodies and this means it is a legitimate online pharmacy. Customers will benefit from the low cost of the medications especially for medications such as the brands Viagra whose price is slightly over $1.

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