Drugs-med.com Review – An Online Pharmacy that Sells a Wide Range of Cheap Generic Meds

Drugs-med.com Review - An Online Pharmacy that Sells a Wide Range of Cheap Generic Meds

Drugs-med.com is an online pharmacy that was established in 2007. From my research, I discovered that this pharmacy is the United States based but might also be operating from Barbados. This pharmacy sells a wide range of generic drugs for a variety of treatments including erectile dysfunction treatment. Popular generic erectile dysfunction drugs that are sold on this website include Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and Aurogra/sildenafil. They cost as low as $0.90, $0.95, and $0.92 per pill respectively. I would say these prices are quite reasonable.

From everything I see, the generics offered on this website are FDA approved. I have not seen any generic on this website that contains an active ingredient that is not approved by the FDA. Hence, the generics Drugs-med.com sells should be safe and effective in treatments.

Considering the method of payments allowed on drugs-med.com, I found out that there are 3 methods of payment accepted and they include Visa, Visa Electron, and Bitcoin. The two methods of shipping available are Express and Airmail. The express shipping method takes 5 to 10 days and costs $16, while the Airmail shipping method takes 10 to 15 days and costs $8. I must comment that the shipping options, time lag and fees are really reasonable.

Regarding contacting customer support. You can do that via their live chat service which you could find on their “Customer Support” page. When I tried making use of this live chat service, I was told none of their support staff is available, which left me with the option of dropping an offline message as it was clearly stated on the live chat form that they would get back to me swiftly. Check the screenshot below.

Drugs-med.com Live Chat

You could also get across to their support via phone on three lines provided on their website. The first referred to as their direct line +19099394422, the second is their US toll-free line 18554090999, and the third is their UK toll-free line 08000470900.

In addition to all my discoveries about Drugs-med.com, I discovered that there is no such thing as an information as to whether they allow returns of products or whether they give refunds. No section on refund policy or return policy on their website. However, at the bottom of their website, I saw a seal which reads “100% money guarantee”. With all honesty, this is quite vague as no specific content regarding this. This to me is a way of preventing any form of liability.

Drugs-med.com Reviews

Drugs-med.com Customer Review

I went in search of comments shared by customers who have patronized Drugs-med.com to see what their experience was like. Luckily, I saw a great number of reviews from Pharmaciesreview.com. Most of these reviews are positive, while a low percentage was bad. Let’s take two of these reviews to have an idea of the quality of Drugs-med’s services.

This particular review is given by Ralston who is totally disappointed with Drugs-meed.com. He tells us that he experienced fraudulence as he was charged yet received no product. He also further explains to us that their lines do not work and he got no reply to his emails. He says “beware”.

Drugs-med Customer Reviews
Drugs-med Customer Reviews

While the first review wasn’t impressive, this second one absolutely is. Andy is the reviewer here. He tells us about his great experience ordering from drugs-med.com. H commends the delivery timing and customer support. This goes against what the previous customer said in his review. While the first review states beware this other one states “recommended”.

When reviews are basically directly opposite, it makes it kind of difficult to make a conclusion regarding the reputation of the drugstore. I found 18 reviews of Drugs-med.com on Pharmaciesreview.com and only 3 of these 18 reviews are bad. So I can say that this pharmacy is quite reputable.

Drugs-med.com Reviews 2018

I tried getting reviews that were given recently, but it appears Drugs-med.com is rarely visited by customers recently. Hence, I found no recent reviews of them online. Nevertheless, Scam Adviser confirms that Drugs-med.com is visited rarely in recent times. It also confirms that the website is only 3% safe. I mean it lacks security. The financial and personal data of customers can be easily compromised. It is better you try another pharmacy that has positive recent reviews from a trusted source, this way you would be certain you would be certain you are not barking up the wrong tree.

Drugs-med.com Coupon Codes

Bitcoin 15% Discount
Bitcoin 15% Discount
Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

I have found a few discount offers on Drugs-med.com. Below are the screenshots of a few which might interest you.

This discount is truly significant. Anytime you make payment with Bitcoin, you get to enjoy a 15% off your order.

Bonus Pills Offer
Bonus Pills Offer

Just like most online pharmacies, Drugs-med.com offers customers free shipping when you make an order of over $200.

Another offer I found for Drugs-med.com with orders from 90 pills and above. You can get up to 40 bonus pills depending on the number of pills ordered.


Drugs-med.com is a pharmacy that has both strengths and weaknesses. This pharmacy sells a great variety of generic meds at very cheap prices. It has a good number of positive external reviews but they are not recent reviews. Additionally, some of the available reviews are alarming. I also can see that the website is not secured by any encryption.

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