Review – A Canadian Online Pharmacy No Longer Taking Orders Review – A Canadian Online Pharmacy No Longer Taking Orders

Dear Rx was a Canadian online pharmacy. What made it popular among its customers were its very affordable prices for its medicines. Its assortment of drugs was not as huge as what the local pharmacies have but the most commonly used and purchased medicines by the customers are here and they can be bought at prices which are up to 90% cheaper than what is offered by the local pharmacies. Let’s take Viagra for example. At Dear Rx, generic Viagra is only sold at $0.27 USD per pill. But at the local drugstores, Viagra is priced at an average of $79 USD per pill. The reason for this is because Dear Rx specialized in selling generic medicines to its clients. Generic meds are medicines which are normally cheaper than branded drugs but these have the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. Using generics will give the users exact same effects as the branded drugs and the other benefit that it had is the big savings that the customers get in buying them. The generic meds that were sold by Dear Rx were said to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (but it is not clear FDA of which country) that’s why their customers could be confident of their safety and effectiveness.

The site of Dear Rx is still accessible and available but it appears that the site is no longer catering to orders. We really don’t have much information regarding this issue as the site has not posted any notice on its webpage. But its customers are still free to check its website out for viewing purposes as the instructions and various useful information about its medicines are still there. People can use them as a guide on how to use their meds and avoid any possible misuse as all the necessary details about different drugs are present on its site such as basic instructions, proper dosage, contraindications, side effects, and others.

The customers of Dear Rx before were free to call its customer service hotlines which were +1 718 487 9792 and +44 203 239 7092. Before, these hotlines operated 24/7 to cater to customers around the world in different time zones. Its customer care specialists were always ready to help and provide assistance to the customers that will be needing them. But for its clients who were without phones or mobile devices for calling those hotlines, Dear Rx offered its Contact Us page where their customers sent their concerns and they responded through email.

For the payment methods that it has accepted, Dear Rx only received credit and debit payments from VISA and MasterCard. Other than these two payment means, Dear Rx no longer offered any payment methods such as bank transfers or eChecks. For the shipping of their customer’s orders, Dear Rx offered two options. The first one is the standard airmail which only cost $9.95 USD and the wait time for the orders was around 2 to 3 weeks. The other option that it has offered is the express mail service (EMS) which only cost $19.95 USD but the wait time for the orders to arrive was only within 3 to 8 business days. Just in case that its customers received a damaged or defective medication from Dear Rx or if what they have received were wrong medicines, Dear Rx offered to send a reshipment of their orders free of charge.

All the information that has been given by its customers on its site stayed safe with Dear Rx as its site guaranteed complete anonymity to all of its clients. All the financial and personal data that they have given stayed confidential as the privacy policy of Dear Rx stated that it does not divulge the private information of its clients to other sites. Reviews

A customer of its site name Leeroy from Italy comments that he has already ordered three times from the store and he always got his orders. He also adds that he didn’t have to wait long before his orders arrived which means that the delivery service of Dear Rx is pretty reliable. Also, the contents of his parcel were fine, a sign that his orders were handled carefully. Leeroy also mentions that he saved money in his orders and is overall pleased with his experience.

Dear Rx User Reviews
Dear Rx User Reviews

Next is a client of Dear Rx named Charles from Germany who is glad about the savings that he managed to get on shopping from its site instead of going to a local drugstore. He describes his savings as “much” which meant that he indeed saved a big amount of money by buying his meds from Dear Rx. He also received free gifts added to his order.

But all of these reviews are only on-site reviews and are not 100% reliable as there’s a possibility that these may have only been a part of the promotional strategy. These reviews also appear to have been copied from other pharmacy websites as these reviews also appear on the review section of specific online pharmacies. Reviews 2018

A customer named Marco complained that it’s almost two months that have passed since he has ordered his meds from Dear Rx but up until now he’s still waiting.

Dear Rx Third-Party User Review
Dear Rx Third-Party User Review

He contacted the site and was told that his orders were already on the airstrip. He was not convinced of this explanation and will, therefore, be refunding his credit card charges. Coupon Codes

Dear Rx Free Shipping
Dear Rx Free Shipping

For its customers who have purchased meds worth $200 and up, Dear Rx haы waived the shipping fees for their orders. Apart from this benefit that it offered, Dear Rx also gave free pills to its customers regardless of the amount of meds that they have bought.


Dear Rx was a Canadian online pharmacy that sold generic medicines as an alternative to the costly drugs which are sold by the local pharmacies. The reviews on its site are not very reliable and it also received a negative review on a third-party website for non-delivery. So, for customers who are looking for a good online source to purchase meds from, it’s recommended that they check our top suggested providers.

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