Review – A Pharmacy that Has Good Prices and Doesn’t Accept Returns Review – A Pharmacy that Has Good Prices and Doesn’t Accept Returns

Canadian Pharmacy World is a drugstore located in Canada but sells its medications online. The pharmacy sold their first medication online in the year 2006. For the past 12 years, this drugstore has managed to grow its customer base to 500,000 customers. The drugstore claims that it has already served customers located in more than 200 countries. On a yearly basis, the drugstore indicates that over 200,000 orders are made worldwide by their customers.

This pharmacy had received accreditation from various online pharmacy regulatory bodies. These include CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. The pharmacy catalog included both over the counter medications and prescription drugs. The pharmacy offered medications which could be used by males suffering from erectile dysfunction. I decided to see how much Cialis would cost. I noticed that the pharmacy had both generic and brand Cialis. Brand Cialis was more expensive than generic Cialis. A pill of brand Cialis would cost $13.91 per 20mg pill. Generic Cialis would cost $0.53 for each 20mg pill.

The only medications being sold by were all approved by the Food and Drug Association. Not unless you are ordering over the counter medications, Canadian Pharmacy World requires all their buyers to have a prescription for the meds they are ordering.

If I decided to buy the Cialis, I would get four main methods of payment. I could use VISA, Mastercard, Checks, and International Money Orders. The pharmacy stated that they did not accept US ONLY Money orders.

I decided to find out the methods of shipping I could use if sourcing my medications from I noticed that the drugstore had only one shipping method which is standard ground shipping. The shipping cost is 25 dollars. The pharmacy indicates that you should have your medications within a period of 10 to 18 days depending on where you are located. The drugstore confirmed that some orders may take up to 30 days to arrive.

When medications are shipped from Canadian Pharmacy World, the drugstore does not accept any returns. This applies to medications which have already opened and the ones you are yet to open. The pharmacy explains this policy indicating that accepting medications after they have been dispensed is against the law.

Canadian Pharmacy World did not have a live chat option. The only way to chat with their customer support department via text is through their email which is [email protected] Also, you can use their contact page form integration to send an email. Their phone number to use is 1 866 485 7979. The fax number you can use is 1 866 486 7979. Reviews

The best way to know whether a pharmacy will offer you great services or not is through checking the testimonials the previous customers have left. The best testimonials are the ones available in third-party sites. Below, I have captured some of these reviews.

Canadianpharmacyworld Testimonials

The first reviewer appears to be pleased with the services that offers. He has rated Canadian Pharmacy World 5 stars. He is unhappy with the reviewer who had left a negative review for the pharmacy. He actually wants the reviewer to retract his negative comment.

The second reviewer states that he had found to be a great pharmacy that he could consider trusting after locating it on Pharmacy Checker. The reviewer states that the drugstore never refilled his prescription because he did not send a signed copy of his prescription from his doctor.

The above reviews may not present a clear picture of the kind of services you will get when you are using The first reviewer appears to be trying to get the second reviewer to retract his testimonial. The second reviewer is unhappy because his order was not refilled after failing to send a prescriptions script. To make things clearer, let’s look at reviews left by users more recently. Reviews 2018

I found Canadian Pharmacy World 2018 reviews on a third-party site. These reviews were positive. I have captured them below:

Canadianpharmacyworld Reviews 2018

Daniel says that does deliver on its promises. After ordering his medications, they arrived in under 10 days. The order was both correct and on time. While trying to determine whether to buy his meds from Canadian Pharmacy World, he had to contact the pharmacy to get his questions answered regarding payment and other issues. He says that his questions were all answered. The medications he received were a 10th of the price he would have paid for the same meds in the United States. Daniel indicates that he will be ordering his meds from the drugstore.

Cass reports that she and her family use to save money on their meds. With the reduced prices offered by, she never runs out of prescription meds.

The above 2018 reviews confirm that is a pharmacy you can trust. The drugstore appears to offer low prices and fast delivery. Also, their customer support is great according to the reviewers. Coupon Codes

I could not locate a large number of coupon codes for However, I managed to get some offers. I have captured some below:

Canadianpharmacyworld Offers

The first offer will allow the buyer to save on shipping cost. The second offer is for when you are buying either Antacid or Proton Pump Inhibitors.


Canadian Pharmacy World is a drugstore that appears to be trustworthy. The 2018 customer reviews I managed to locate on third-party reviews sites were all positive. The buyers were pleased with the fact that the drugstore did deliver their medications on time and also charged a low price. has both generic and brand medications. This means that you get to choose what you can afford. One negative thing I noticed about the drugstore is that it does not accept returns. Also, the pharmacy lacks a live chat option. This can cause inconveniences if you are ordering your meds and need help.

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