Canadian-Pharma.Com Review – A Pharmacy with Nice Prices but Unproven Reputation

Canadian-Pharma.Com Review – A Pharmacy with Nice Prices but Unproven Reputation

Canadian Pharma is an online drugstore based in Canada just as its name suggests. The pharmacy has been operating for quite a while. According to the drugstore copyright section, the store has been online since the year 2001. This may explain the pharmacy website design. The design is simple which reflects the web design trends which were available back at the beginning of the 21st century when the store was established.

Even though the store has a simple design, it should not be taken to have simple medications. I counted over 20 medication categories on the drugstore site. Some of the mediations offered by this pharmacy include erectile dysfunction meds which appear to be the most popular, hair loss medications, heart disease drugs, gastrointestinal meds, diabetes meds, pain relief, skin care medications, sleep aids, and more. The drugstore only stocks medications which are said to be approved by the FDA. When buying drugs, buyers are not required to present a doctor’s prescription. In fact, the drugstore does not even require you to create an account when checking out your medications.

Males looking for impotence solutions will be happy to know that both generic and brand medications for treating this condition are available at a price they can afford. I decided to check the price for both brand Viagra, brand Cialis and that of the generic equivalents to these medications. A pill of brand Cialis would cost $3.09. A pill of brand Viagra would cost $2.56. Generic Cialis and generic Viagra would cost $0.68 and $0.27 respectively.

When it comes to paying for your medications, the drugstore redirects their customers to an external site which has been secured using SSL certificate. On this site, you get to use both VISA and Mastercard to pay for your medications. The pharmacy usually initiates the shipping process as soon as the order has been documented. The shipping process will be done via two main methods. These include Airmail which will cost you $9.95 and take about 2 to 3 weeks. For buyers who would like to receive their medications sooner, there is a second method of shipping available. This is known as EMS Courier Delivery. This usually takes about 3 to 8 business. EMS shipping costs $19.95.

When you receive medications which are defective or damaged, Canadian-Pharma.Com indicates that they will re-ship your package free of charge. The pharmacy will also offer a refund to customers who prefer it over re-shipment.

If you have any issues which you would like the customer support department working for Canadian-Pharma.Com to handle, you can either call or send an email. To send an email, you have to fill out the contact form available on the pharmacy contact page. To call, you can use either +1 718 487 9792 or +4420 3239 7092.

Canadian-Pharma.Com Reviews

I searched online to see whether it would be possible to locate reviews for Canadian-Pharma.Com on third-party sites. I could not locate any reviews. However, when I checked the pharmacy website, I managed to locate a large number of positive customer comments on the drugstore testimonials page. To function as proof, I have captured some of these below:

Canadian-Pharma.Com Testimonials

Dorothy from Andorra reports that Canadian-Pharma.Com dealt with her query very efficiently. The drugstore offered her great prices. She enjoyed the value for her money. Samuel from Irish France reports that he enjoyed speedy shipping. The pharmacy kept him up to date regarding the day to day progress of his products shipment. He has been using the drugstore for several years now. The drugstore has been great and honest to him.

Sarah from Spain says that Canadian Pharma offers both fast and courteous service. She appreciates this. She indicates that it is really hard nowadays to find the kind of service offered by Canadian Pharma elsewhere. She is happy with the product she received. The medication was delivered quickly to her. Undoubtedly, the reviews make this pharmacy look attractive. However, we preach caution as these reviews are a part of the pharmacy’s site and the management has complete control over the content.

Canadian-Pharma.Com 2018

The reviews available on Canadian-Pharma.Com did not have a date on them. Therefore, I could not determine when exactly these reviews were written. The reviews I have captured below may or may not have been written in 2018.

Canadian-Pharma.Com Reviews

Erica from Germany is happy with the services she received from Canadian-Pharma.Com. Just like other people had reported in their reviews about the drugstore, the pharmacy is both cheap and good. Sophia from France says that Canadian Pharma is the first drugstore she is reviewing. She says that the drugstore is the best she has ever dealt with. The drugstore site is easy to use and it carries some of the most popular medications. The prices offered by the pharmacy are great when compared with those offered by other online drugstores. Her drug was much cheaper at Canadian-Pharma.Com.

Leeroy from Italy has already ordered three times from Canadian-Pharma.Com. His meds always arrived on time. The content present in the package was fine. He managed to save his money.

Canadian-Pharma.Com Coupon Codes

Canadian Pharma did not have any coupon codes either on its site or on third-party sites. However, the drugstore had nice offers when you add your pills to the cart. I have captured these below:

Canadian-Pharma.Com Offers

The buyer would receive free pills as a bonus. The pharmacy will offer free Airmail shipping on all orders worth more than $200. For orders worth more than $300, the buyer would get free EMS shipping.


The reviews available on Canadian Pharma website were positive. However, it is good to not always trust the reviews you find on the pharmacy website. Some pharmacies can create own reviews to manipulate buyers and encourage them to buy from them. I would suggest that you look for a pharmacy that has proven reviews. The prices offered by Canadian-Pharma.Com are great. Also, the drugstore has a wide catalog which makes shopping for meds much easier.

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