Review – Another Generics Seller with Fair Online Prices Review – Another Generics Seller with Fair Online Prices is a Canada-based online pharmacy selling generic alternatives to the otherwise expensive brand products usually found at local drugstores. Based on the information published on the site, the company is based in Ottawa Canada and that the company is also approved by the association called the College of Pharmacists Ontario. However, it’s still hard to verify if this online pharmacy is indeed based in Canada although it claims to be a store based in the maple country.

Concerning the product line-up of this store, though it featured the cliché online bestsellers like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic counterparts, the store has also sold medicines for the treatment of other simple and complex diseases. Medicines for pain relief, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, fertility, and plenty of other ailments are available on the Canadian Family Pharmacy site and all of these products are available to consumers without prescriptions for these items. According to Canadian Family Pharmacy, the medicines it sold were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, although Canadian Family Pharmacy is somewhat vague about which FDA organization has approved the medicines.

Since most of the products sold by Canadian Family Pharmacy were generic products, their prices were fair and most were cheaper than the medicines usually found at brick and mortar pharmacies. For instance, instead of paying for nearly a hundred bucks for one Viagra or Cialis tablet, customers need only pay $1.38 per pill for Viagra, $1.75 per pill for Cialis, or $2.50 per pill for Levitra. Sure, there are other online pharmacies with cheaper prices than the Canadian Family Pharmacy shop, but I think its products are certainly more affordable than local pharmacy prices for the same products.

As for the payments, Canadian Family Pharmacy allowed credit card payments via AMEX, VISA, JCB, Diners, and MasterCard. However, the shop is also accepting E-check payments for its products, if in case the buyers use E-checks instead of the usual credit cards.

Shipping, on the other hand, is done by Canadian Family Pharmacy in two ways – buyers are made to choose between Airmail and EMS. Airmail costs only $10 and takes about 21 working days to complete, while EMS costs $30 but takes only an average of 9 days to complete. Both the Canadian Family Pharmacy’s shipping options are trackable so buyers need not worry about their parcels when dispatched from the warehouse.

When it comes to returns, Canadian Family Pharmacy allows the returns of the items bought from the website, although the shop will only process the refunds for the products after the shop has received the returned items.

Customers may contact Canadian Family Pharmacy through the following numbers:



Buyers may also reach out to Canadian Family Pharmacy’s live support team whenever a customer rep is online. Reviews

Canadian Family Pharmacy has on-site reviews from a lot of consumers. The reviews are found on every product page, as the reviews were provided a space under the product descriptions:

Canadian Family Pharmacy Reviews (On Site)
Canadian Family Pharmacy Reviews (On Site)

According to Dino Alajbegovic, who posted in December 2017, Canadian Family Pharmacy delivered his Viagra pills fast even if his shipping option was only the standard delivery – in his case, only within 48 hours. He gave the store 5 out of 5 stars.

Guy Bouchard also posted his review for Canadian Family Pharmacy in December 2017 and mentioned that the Viagra 100 mg he ordered from the store was effective and according to him, he’s been using Viagra from Canadian Family Pharmacy for a year. He rated the store 4 out of 5.

However, as much as I’d like to put my trust in these reviews 100%, I think we should take these with salt considering they have merely originated from the website. Although they were with dates, decent ratings, and with buyer names, there is a chance that the store Canadian Family Pharmacy has only created these reviews since they were posted on-site. Reviews 2018

As for 2018, Canadian Family Pharmacy still had a lot of user reviews published on each product page:

Canadian Family Pharmacy On-Site Reviews
Canadian Family Pharmacy On-Site Reviews

Naturally, the reviews found on Canadian Family Pharmacy were positive and were from highly satisfied buyers.

A user named William Woo, who wrote his comment in January 2018, the Viagra product he used from the shop indeed helped him achieve the result he desired for his intimate life. William gave Canadian Family Pharmacy a 4 out of 5 score.

Giuseppe Perricone also gave Canadian Family Pharmacy 4 out of 5 stars for its effective Viagra product. According to him, Canadian Family Pharmacy has priced its meds fairly but did not compromise in terms of quality.

Canadian Family Pharmacy CIPA Advisory
Canadian Family Pharmacy CIPA Advisory

Although the on-site reviews for Canadian Family Pharmacy were encouraging, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, unfortunately, lists the store Canadian Family Pharmacy as one of the rogue pharmacies that buyers should stay away from. Coupon Codes

Even if coupon codes were not published by the Canadian Family Pharmacy store, the shop had some deals that buyers may find helpful especially in allowing them to maximize value for their money:

Canadian Family Pharmacy Deals
Canadian Family Pharmacy Deals

According to the promos on Canadian Family Pharmacy, customers were given free pills regardless of the size of their orders (although bulk orders were given more free pills). Apart from this, customers were also able to enjoy the following on Canadian Family Pharmacy:

  • Free standard delivery on orders greater than $200
  • Package insurance
  • 10% discount on their next orders


Canadian Family Pharmacy is a generics seller based in Canada, selling medicines cheaper than the local drugstore prices for the same medicines. The shop had reviews from its consumers, but only on-site so it’s really hard to determine whether these reviews are legit or not. I think the shop really has great prices and good deals, but it’s really too early to tell if the store should be a place you can really buy your meds safely from.

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