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Canada Meds is an online pharmacy that offers customers from all over the world huge savings on prescription drugs. It is a Canadian pharmacy whose origins date back to as early as the year 2000 but had to close down after 13 years of service. The pharmacy’s website is not accessible for quite some time, so we assume it has closed. The products that it sells are so affordable that its customers can actually save 80% to 90% of the money that they used to spend on buying their drugs locally. Canada Meds did not shut itself down and the only reason why its operations have stopped is because it started to become a threat to the large drugstore chains in the US. These companies have launched a campaign against legitimately operating online drugstores such as Canada Meds and with the help of the USFDA, they have become successful in closing these sources down. This event has been very unfortunate to many customers since stores like Canada Meds are a great help in providing them effective alternatives to the costly branded medicines which are sold locally.

How the campaign to close Canada Meds down has been successful, we do not know. All we know is that is has been a legit online medicine source and is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). This organization is the assurance of the customers that the pharmacy that they are dealing with is licensed, reputable, and follows the international safety protocols for drug distribution. Canada Meds has also been a member to the Pharmacy Accreditation Services (PAS) which means that the site itself, its patient services center, staff, and documents have been thoroughly inspected and have been found to meet the standards set for online pharmacies.

The site of Canada Meds might have been based in Canada but its fulfillment centers are located all over the world to make the deliveries of their customer’s orders arrive quickly. Its main fulfillment center is located at Port Vila, Vanuatu, in the south pacific but it also has centers located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, and Canada itself. All of the orders made from its site are checked and filled by its highly qualified and licensed pharmacists to make sure that their clients are getting the right medicines for their needs.

But without a prescription, it’s not possible to make an order at Canada Meds. It requires each one of its clients to provide valid prescriptions for the customers to be able to buy medicines. This requirement is also for the safety of the buyers as using prescription meds without first being checked by a healthcare professional could be dangerous to a person’s health. The prescriptions are the proof that the buyers have been checked by the doctors and that they are safe to use the meds that they will be purchasing. The fax number where the customers of Canada Meds used to send their prescriptions to is +1 877 994 2121.

The only payments accepted by Canada Meds are credit card payments from VISA and MasterCard users. Other than these payment means, no other payments are accepted by the site. This somewhat limited the number of the customers that they can cater to as they weren’t able to sell to those that use other credits. Ordering drugs from Canada Meds is not only limited to visiting its website as it also offers its customers to order through snail mail or fax. New customers must send a copy of their prescriptions, a completed patient questionnaire and a completed new customer order form from its site and fax it to its fax number. They can also mail these requirements at Canada Meds’ mailing address which is The Bay Corporate Center, Bay St., 2nd Floor, St. Michael, Barbados BB14038. Clients who prefer to make their orders online must create an account on its site and submit the same requirements. Reviews

The review above was provided by a person named Elena Hughes and what she says about Canada Meds is that it is a rogue pharmacy.

Canadameds User Review

Elena says that Canada Meds falsely implies that the site ships their drugs directly from Canada. She also mentions that the drugs sold on this site are different from the medicines that a customer would be able to obtain from a local drugstore in Canada as the drugs come from other locations around the world.

But checking the site of Canada Meds, it does not say that it ships its meds from Canada since it has fulfillment centers located in various parts of the world. And the site does not deny that their drugs are from other countries, but rather, Canada Meds admit that fact and it is one of the reasons why their drugs are affordable.

Elena also said that these medicines are illegal and are also counterfeit and substandard. But checking the internet for similar complaints such as this, there is none to be found which means that we can’t really be sure if the claims of Elena are true as there are no other reviews that support what she has said.

Canada Meds has no on-site reviews which means that the only reviews for the site are those that are provided by third-party sites such as where this review is from. We can’t make a decision about its reliability based on one person’s point of view who does not appear to be a customer. No details describing an order and a personal experience were provided. Reviews 2018

Canada Meds has already been closed since 2013 and it’s no longer possible to retrieve any new reviews for the site. Even third-party reviews for Canada Meds are difficult to obtain since it no longer exists. But instead of looking for reviews for this site which is already gone, they can just look for other pharmacies which provide the same services. Coupon Codes

Canada Meds Referral Bonus
Canada Meds Referral Bonus

Customers that have referred other customers to Canada Meds when it was still active got a $25 USD off of their purchases which is quite a considerable amount of discount for just referring others.

It used to be the means of its customers to get their meds at even cheaper prices. Nowadays, it’s rare to find online pharmacies that provide the same offer to their customers.


When Canada Meds was still available, it used to be a medicine source for many customers looking for effective but affordable drugs. The site is already closed possible due to the campaign launched by corporate drugstore chains to shut online pharmacies down by making the domain registrar companies to close similar websites. But there’s no need to worry for customers as they can find other similar stores on our list of recommended providers.

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