– Pay Less for Your Prescription Medications - Pay Less for Your Prescription Medications is an online pharmacy intermediary that was established in 2004 and since then, over 1000000 prescriptions have been filled. Canada Drugs Online Pharmacy is located in British Columbia Canada and has been certified by Pharmacy Checker and Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Canada Drugs Online Pharmacy stocks a wide range of medications which are either generic or brand medications. Some of the top brand medications include Viagra where a 100mg pills will cost $22.44, 8*20mg Cialis pills will cost $225 which is an average of $28. The other top brand medications include Januvia, Flovent, Motilium, Crestor, and Asacol, among others. The top generic medications are Tadalafil, Sildenafil, Clopidogrel, Sildenafil, and Nebivolol, among others.

All medications that are marked Rx will require a prescription while those that are marked as OTC will be purchased without a prescription. The prescription can be uploaded online, sent by fax or through email. Once the orders have been received, will pass the prescriptions to their affiliate pharmacies located in Canada and in other countries as well. All the pharmacies that are entrusted with the supply of the medications to the clients have been approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries. There is no indication that the drugs have been approved by the FDA since they are sourced from different locations.

Canada Drugs Online has two payment methods which include checks and international money orders. Those like me who prefer paying for online purchases using a credit card will be inconvenienced since this method is not accepted. They will not accept any money order that can only be valid in the US.

Shipping of medications from the pharmacy can only be done via regular ground shipping. I find this quite inconvenient for a person who wishes to have the medications delivered urgently as they have to wait for over three weeks to have the drugs delivered. The shipping fee is $10 regardless of the size of the package that will be shipped. Canada Drugs Online will take responsibility if the medications are lost or damaged while in transit. If the fault is as a result of a wrong address, the responsibility shall be borne by the customer.

Once the medications have been shipped, there is no way they can be returned to There is a clause in their policy that says they cannot be held accountable if the medications purchased are ineffective or unsatisfactory. I find it unfriendly when Canada Drugs Online says that if a customer is dissatisfied with services offered, the only option is to discontinue their association with them.

To contact the customer service team at, you can use the toll-free line to call them, send a fax message or an email. There is no option for a live chat which means the most convenient way to send an urgent message is by making a call. They will not accept any money order that can only be valid in the US. Reviews

There are many independent reviews from customers who have been purchasing medications from Canada Drugs Online most of which are positive.

Edmeister is one of the customers who say that the customer service a is very good which made his transaction with them quite easy. He ordered Viagra ED drugs and was glad that they were authentic and very effective as well. The only hardship he encountered in the course of the transactions was getting an international money order.

GrannyP says that she has been buying her medications from Canada Drugs Online for the past three years and she is totally contented. The price at which the medications are sold is even cheaper than when she buys from a local pharmacy using her co-pay. also ensures that the lines of communication remain open whenever she has an issue.

Gwen has also had a chance to buy from for several years and he always receives medications that are similar to the medications that are sold at a local pharmacy. He adds that he always orders for brand medications and has never received generics in their place and the price at which the medications are sold is lower than the amount he would pay for the same medications in a local pharmacy.

Canadadrugsonline Reviews

The most outstanding trait regarding is the low cost of the medications. The customer service team is also very helpful and friendly which makes the process of placing orders very easy. Reviews 2018

The recent reviews regarding the delivery of services by are positive and negative as well.

Dick Paquette says that he placed an order and they took eight weeks to deliver the medications. Three weeks after the value of the medications was deducted from her account, the order was yet to be shipped and any attempt to contact them regarding the order status was met with flimsy excuses. One of the customer service staff was rude when they insisted on getting an explanation as a result of the delay.

Canadadrugsonline Reviews
Canadadrugsonline Reviews Coupon Codes

I could not find any coupon codes or offers on’s website. The only coupon I found online is already expired and cannot be used.

Based on the reviews from the customers who have been able to purchase medications from the pharmacy, it is evident that the prices are very low. One of the customers said that the cost of his medications is lower than the cost that he pays in a local pharmacy with the help of insurance co-pay.

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Conclusion has received positive and negative reviews. Canada Drugs Online is not keen on addressing customers’ complaints which is clearly shown by one of the policies. It is indicated that in case a customer is dissatisfied with the services or a product purchased, the only option will be to look for another source. The low cost of the medications is, however, commendable and customers who are unable to pay for their medications in a local pharmacy can buy them at Canada Drugs Online.

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