Review – Ran Online for More than a Decade Review – Ran Online for More than a Decade, as its name implies, is an online seller of generic impotence treatments that are derived from the product Viagra from Pfizer. It is also obvious on the store’s platform that it was indeed a seller of erectile dysfunction products since the store featured only medicines like generic Viagra, generic Viagra Super Active, generic Cialis Professional, and plenty other similar medications.

Unfortunately, the shop Buy Viagra Online is one of the government-seized domains on the web – according to the Buy Viagra Online Net’s web address, it was seized due to suspicion of selling illicit products online. While I salute the government’s efforts to help buyers identify scam stores and eradicate counterfeit products online, the government is not 100% right – in some cases, good stores are shut down even without proof, tarnishing their otherwise pristine online reputation. In most cases, the government collaborates with big pharmaceutical companies to quash legit online sellers in order to help these companies maximize their sales. I am not saying that Buy Viagra Online Net was a legit store (I really don’t know for sure), but it might be that the store was a benign online seller that was forcibly shut down just because of unfounded suspicion.

It was a good thing that the shop Buy Viagra Online Net had online records available on the web and although Buy Viagra Online Net did not discuss when its service began, I saw that the shop was active since May 2003 and has closed down in 2017. Buy Viagra Online Net only sold generic impotence treatments – I checked the shop’s data and I’ve seen nothing more than the listings for the various impotence treatments on the platform.

Among all the products sold by the shop Buy Viagra Online Net, these products were the best-selling ones:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.69 per unit
  • Viagra Super Active: $1.50 per unit
  • Generic Cialis Professional: $2.50 per unit
  • Generic Cialis: $1.30 per unit
  • Cialis Super Active: $2.00 per unit
  • Generic Cialis Daily: $1.00 per unit

Buy Viagra Online Net’s details described the need for the customers to provide their prescriptions for the medicines. However, there was nothing on the products stating that they were Rx only, so I assume that the buyers were still able to purchase their medicines on Buy Viagra Online Net even if they did not have the Rx for the items.

Shipping on Buy Viagra Online Net was either $10 for the regular shipping or $30 for the express shipping. Buyers had the liberty to select which shipping option they believe was more convenient for them.

Payment methods preferred by Buy Viagra Online Net included credit card payments, although Buy Viagra Online Net was unclear about which cards it accepted. As for refunds, buyers were assured about refunds and reshipments in case their orders did not arrive or if they arrived damaged. Reviews

Since I find reviews highly essential in evaluating the past performance of a given website, I went on and searched for available Buy Viagra Online Net reviews on the web. However, unfortunately, I was unable to get ahold of third-party reviews for the store Buy Viagra Online Net anywhere on the web.

Buy Viagra Online Net Reviews
Buy Viagra Online Net Reviews

On-site reviews for Buy Viagra Online Net were available, but I was a bit hesitant when it comes to using these reviews because of their possible bias towards the shop they were published in.

According to David, Buy Viagra Online Net customer support was amazing and that he would like to be a reference to the store’s future buyers.

Carlos also praised Buy Viagra Online Net for sending his orders on time. Like David, he also mentioned that he would endorse the store to other customers.

James, like Carlos, also wrote that he received his order from Buy Viagra Online Net on time and has also commented on the store’s good prices for its products. Reviews 2018

Buy Viagra Online Net has closed down in 2017 and therefore had no reviews beyond the year. Although the store did have more recent comments on its testimonials section, I could not confirm whether these comments were from the past years or if they were from the most recent years.

Buy Viagra Online Net Assessment Result
Buy Viagra Online Net Assessment Result

Details for Buy Viagra Online Net indicated that the store has indeed operated for more than 3 years. However, more assessment results for have identified the shop as an untrustworthy platform, mainly because the website was hosted in a country notorious for hosting scam sites. Buy Viagra Online Net was also determined as a website without a security certificate, which means that it has put its consumers’ details in danger. All in all, Buy Viagra Online Net was branded as an unsafe store. Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were found on the Buy Viagra Online Net shop, but like most of the mainstream online pharmacies, Buy Viagra Online Net has offered the following deals:

  • Discounts: Bulk orders were given lower individual pill prices by Buy Viagra Online Net.
  • Seasonal codes: Buy Viagra Online Net has asked its customers to stay tuned for seasonal discounts and coupon codes. 


Buy Viagra Online Net sold only generic erectile dysfunction products to consumers interested in saving more when it comes to their need for male enhancement medicines. It had fair prices for its products and had good deals for its consumers, but it lacked supporting reviews that would attest to its overall reliability as a web pharmacy. However, since Buy Viagra Online Net did not have complaints either, we can still assume that it offered good service to its buyers, especially that it ran online for more than a decade.

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