Review – A Steroid Seller with Good Testimonials but Slightly High Prices Review – A Steroid Seller with Good Testimonials but Slightly High Prices is a drugstore that deals with offering meds on the internet. This pharmacy largely offers steroids as their major product. The drugstore did not indicate when it was established. Also, the store did not indicate its physical location. This was not surprising since most steroid selling pharmacies usually prefer to keep their location unknown. The pharmacy does not only sell steroids. It offers other medications. These include skin care products, diuretics, liver protection meds, and sexual health meds.

Body Pharm claims that the steroids it offers are all legal. The store states that they source the steroids they sell directly from their manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers the store has listed on its website as its suppliers include Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, and Gen-Shi labs.

I checked to see whether the steroids being offered by Body Pharm could be affordable to the common bodybuilder who is operating on a fixed budget. One of the steroids the drugstore has is Testosteron-C. If you would like to purchase a vial that contains 10 ml of this compound, you will have to pay $55. For you to get a 10 ml Vial of Sustanon, you will have to pay $74.

Erectile dysfunction also had its solutions at Body Pharm. I decided to see whether sourcing ED meds from the pharmacy is affordable. 20 tabs of brand Viagra will cost you $54. One of the generic versions of Viagra available on Body Pharm is Silagra. A pill of this medication will cost you $1.8. This price can be considered to be fair. However, it is not the lowest price you will get online. There are web pharmacies offering much lower prices.

After purchasing your meds from, you will be required to pay an extra $28 to cover the shipping charges. The pharmacy did not indicate the methods of shipping it uses to deliver meds. If your products get seized by the customs or they never arrive, the pharmacy will reship your package. The pharmacy indicates that they don’t re-ship to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea. The med store was not clear about the method of payments they accepted on their website. If you would like to pay for your meds using a credit card, you will have to contact the drugstore first via the contact page.

When it comes to contacting, the drugstore only offers one method. This is the contact form integrated into their contact page. Here, you will fill out your details and questions and then send these to the pharmacy. The pharmacy indicates that they will respond to all queries within a period of 48 hours. Reviews

Pharmacies operating online use their websites to promise a lot of things and then end up not delivering. To determine whether an online pharmacy will deliver or not, you need to look for its customer testimonials. I looked for Body Pharm reviews. The reviews I found were largely positive. Here are some of the reviews:

Bodypharm Testimonial

The above reviewer states that this is the third time he is ordering from He has never had an issue while ordering from the drugstore. He says that all the drugs he receives from Body Pharm are great. He says that the pharmacy deserves an A+ review. The drugstore has nice correspondence and the shipping is top-notch.

Bodypharm User Comment

The above reviewer states that he loves The products are of great quality and the drugstore has never let him down. The pharmacy always made sure that they responded to his tickets. he states that the pharmacy is dependable. The reviewer indicates that his meds took long before they arrived. Reviews 2018

I could not locate 2018 reviews left behind by people who have used Body Pharm. However, I managed to locate reviews which had been left a few years back by users. These are the reviews I have captured below:

Bodypharm User Review

Michael Fry reports that he made his first purchase with and he was completely satisfied with the ordering process, how his order was handled, and the delivery time. The drugs he received worked for him the way they are supposed to work. The quantity and dosage were perfect. He will be placing another order soon.

Bodypharm User Comment

The above reviewer indicates that he has already ordered from Body Pharm three times now. Although there were some issues, the pharmacy made sure that they did the right thing. The communication was slow but the drugstore made sure that they always got back to him. The products were delivered in good shape.

The reviews available for show that this was a pharmacy that a buyer can depend on. The buyers were happy with the delivery. Although the meds took a while before arriving, when they finally did arrive, the orders were correct. Although the drugstore may have taken long to respond to messages, the reviewers indicate that they always got a reply. I just hope the store was able to maintain the same level of performance as no reviews have been shared for the past few years. Coupon Codes

Body Pharm does not invest in offering coupon codes. This is one thing this pharmacy seemed to ignore although online shoppers are usually attracted by the ability to save their money while buying meds which means coupon codes would be extremely attractive. The only offer available at was free shipping for all orders worth more than $600. I wouldn’t go for such a large order if I am the first time customer.


Body Pharm seems to provide good service before 2014. How the situation is right now we could not verify. The reviews left on a third-party reviews site show that buyers can consider trusting this drugstore. The pharmacy has great products and these are always delivered to the people who order them. The pharmacy has fair prices. But, these prices are not the lowest available online. Buyers have complained of delays in communications. However, the reviewers have indicated that the drugstore always replied to messages. Saving at using coupon codes is not possible.

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