Review – An Indian Drugstore with Poor Quality Services Review – An Indian Drugstore with Poor Quality Services

Big Chemist had its physical location in India. The drugstore was founded in 2013 and in a span of just 5 years, the drugstore is not operational anymore. When I tried to access its domain address, it was not online. This store was part of an Indian company known as the A3T Retails PVT. Ltd. Its meds were only being distributed in India.

According to its website capture on web archives, the drugstore was focusing on selling medications which were 100% authentic. Some of the products I found on the drugstore catalog include sexual wellness products, health supplements, baby and mom products, medical devices including blood sugar checking devices and BP monitors, and others. The drugstore had an Rx policy. The only meds being sold by the drugstore without the buyer needing a prescription script were over the counter meds. If a buyer was looking for prescription meds, he or she would have to get a prescription first.

To determine whether this pharmacy was offering drugs at an affordable price, I decided to check the price at which it was selling its erectile dysfunction medications. I noticed that the pharmacy was stocking both generic and brand ED medications. A pill of brand Viagra would have cost the buyer 9.29 dollars. I could not locate brand Cialis and brand Levitra. However, generic analogs for Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis were available on the drugstore. Duraga which is a generic version of sildenafil citrate was worth 0.15 dollars per pill. Tadalis, a generic Cialis brand from Ajanta Pharma would have cost any male looking to treat his ED using tadalafil 0.21 dollars for a pill. Men who would have wished to eliminate impotence using Vardenafil could have gotten a generic version of Levitra called Mvitra at a price of 2.24 dollars per pill. To me, these prices appeared fair. was not clear about the method of payments and shipping it was offering. However, the pharmacy was clear about the shipping cost. For all orders above $14.48, the buyer enjoyed free shipping. For orders below 14.48 dollars, buyers would need to pay a shipping price of 1.15 dollars. The pharmacy indicated that all meds would be shipped within a period of 24 hours. The estimated delivery time was 3 to 4 business days. However, for orders which weighed 2 kg or more, they would take an extra day or two.

To contact Big Pharmacy, buyers could have used either the phone number or their contact page to send an email. The drugstore phone number was 91-124-407-9300. Reviews

I was very curious as to know why Big chemist is no longer online. To find an answer to my question, I decided to look for its reviews. The drugstore had testimonials on its official page. As with all online pharmacies, these reviews were all positive. I have come across online pharmacies which create fake testimonials in an attempt to lure in customers. Therefore, I decided to not trust these testimonials and look for reviews on an external site. As it turns out, the reviews available on official website were fake. Testimonials available on external websites were overly negative. I have captured a couple of the testimonials below:

Bigchemist Testimonial

The above reviewer from Kolkata India reports that Big Chemist is the worst online medicine website. The site lied to him. The products shown on its website were not available in the store. The buyer never knew that the product is unavailable until he or she had already placed an order. The drugstore customer support department was also unorganized. He was getting a different answer from different customer support agents for the same question.

Bigchemist User Review

The above reviewer reports that is a fake website. He had placed an order on the drugstore and a month had passed. He still was not getting any replies from the customer support department. The contact information available on the drugstore site was incorrect. He advises buyers to refrain from ordering their meds from Reviews 2018

I could not locate any testimonial for which have been written in 2017. However, I have captured the most recent testimonials I managed to locate online for the drugstore below:

Bigchemist User Feedback

The reviewer above from Jaipur India reports that he has had bad experiences with The pharmacy has poor management. It had already been 90 days since he ordered his meds and he had not received them. The pharmacy refused to refund his money. He reports that the drugstore customer care department lacks work ethic.

Bigchemist Testimonial

The above reviewer reports that he had ordered a product from Big Chemist about a month ago and he still hadn’t received the product. In the beginning, the drugstore was requesting for additional time to ship his product. However, the drugstore started ignoring his emails completely. Coupon Codes was offering free shipping when a buyer purchased medications worth more than 14.48 dollars. I tried locating the drugstore coupons on third-party coupon offering sites. I could not locate any coupons on these sites. The pharmacy did not appear to have had the need to attract more buyers via coupon codes. It was ignoring the fact that many buyers purchase their meds online in order to save money and hence coupons would be attractive.


Big Chemist is a drugstore that appears to have disappeared on the internet after continuously offering poor services to its customers and hence losing them. The drugstore has numerous negative testimonials online. The only positive reviews I found online were on its website and these appeared to have been doctored. The pharmacy had a wide catalog and fair prices. This could have been attractive to buyers. The store was not serving international buyers which means it was not useful to people who did not live in India.

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