Review – Giving This Store the Benefit of the Doubt Review – Giving This Store the Benefit of the Doubt was an online drugstore which was quite similar to most online pharmacies I’ve encountered in the market. Like most web pharmacies, Best Rx Online has also sold generic medicines although marketed mostly erectile dysfunction products. This online pharmacy offered up to 60% discounts for its consumers and perhaps was really able to do so since it only sold generic medicines to its consumers.

Sadly, like all the other online pharmacies before Best Rx Online, this shop still eventually closed down after some time. Since the store’s online information was rather limited, we can’t say how long Best Rx Online operated, but what’s sure was that it lasted for more than a year.

I have learned that the store Best Rx Online was based in the United States (according to one blogger website) and it shipped its products to consumers all around the world. Medicines sold by the store included the following types of products:

  • Cancer medications
  • Men’s health products
  • Sleeping aid
  • Smoking cessation meds
  • Weight loss products
  • And plenty others

Customers did not need to provide their prescriptions for their orders since Best Rx Online has allowed its items to purchase without any Rx for their items. This, however, was illegal when applied to local pharmacy purchases, but stores like Best Rx Online argue that it is OK to sell medicines to buyers without prescriptions as long as the products purchased by the consumers are not illegal medications.

Concerning the most popular products in the store, according to what’s left of Best Rx Online, the medicines below are the most bought products when the store was still online:

  • Generic Viagra: starting from $0.75 per pill
  • Generic Professional Cialis: starting from $1.44 per pill
  • Generic Professional Viagra: starting from $1.25 per pill
  • Brand Viagra: starting from $5.88 per pill

These price, compared to local drugstore prices for the same medicines, were a whole lot cheaper. However, online pharmacy prices for these products are usually super cheap, considering they were sourced straight from their generic manufacturers in countries like India. As for these medicines’ certifications, these products are usually certified safe and effective to use by India’s FDA but are not yet approved by the US FDA.

Since Best Rx Online’s details were super limited even on the Internet Archive platform (some of the important pages of the Best Rx Online website were not saved on the archive), I was unable to determine information such as the payment options, shipping costs, and the return/refund policies. Reviews

There was no testimonials page on the Best Rx Online platform so I resolved to look for third-party reviews on the web from former clients of the Best Rx Online store. However, there was actually none – buyers of the store were unable to leave their reviews for this online store, making it hard for me to know if the store was reliable or not.

Because this is the case, I think that Best Rx Online may have struggled in terms of keeping its consumers – the lack of reviews for the store suggests that it wasn’t really a popular place to purchase medicines. Honestly, I also would have gone for stores with dense reviews, especially on reliable third-party or review sites, like for instance, Trust Pilot and other similar platforms.

Although blog reviews were available for Best Rx Online, they weren’t actually in favor of the online pharmacy. Authors were double-minded when it came to Best Rx Online’s reputation and have also doubted whether the store was really legit or not considering the lack of online attention. However, to be fair, none of these blog reviews were actually from customers with first-hand buying experience on Best Rx Online. Reviews 2018

2018 reviews for Best Rx Online were also unavailable – I tried searching for customer comments for the shop for the present year, but since the store went offline even before 2018, I was unable to get customer reviews for the web platform. Instead, I tried to evaluate the shop using a third-party site called, one of the good online platforms to use when it comes to assessing online pharmacy stores, especially the ones without much online information.

Best Rx Online Review 2018
Best Rx Online Review 2018

According to the assessment result from Scamner, Best Rx Online only deserved a rating of 0% due to the following factors:

  • No SSL certificate: Perhaps one of the most important things buyers need to look at on online pharmacies is the SSL certificate since this component assures the buyers that their details are safe while ordering from the store.
  • No trust records: Best Rx Online had no reviews and thus buyers were limited to what they saw on Best Rx Online since there were no other references for the shop
  • No visitors: Best Rx Online was unpopular – although this isn’t really a downside, this indicates that the store’s not the first choice when it came to online medicine purchases Coupon Codes

Best Rx Online offered lower prices for its meds if the buyers were able to purchase them in bulk. Besides this promo, however, there were no other discounts in place for the store for its consumers, like the following:

  • Free shipping
  • Freebie pills
  • Special discounts
  • Referral discounts


The shop Best Rx Online pharmacy, honestly, is one of the closed online pharmacies that do not have adequate information available on the web. There were no Best Rx Online reviews from its former clients, which indicates that the store was an unpopular source for meds. Although this is the case, there were no reports about Best Rx Online being a scam store, which means that it’s best to give the shop the benefit of the doubt.

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