This project has three teams:

Action Faction: The folks who run things day to day, pick partners to support, and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

  • Moumita Ahmed (Millennials for Revolution)
  • Betsy Avila (Digital Organizing, Democracy at Work, former Young Democratic Socialists National Coordinator)
  • Jay Carmona (former 350.org)
  • Desiree Kane (#NoDAPL, The Indian Problem, The People’s Summit, Netroots Nation, Knight Foundation)
  • Erika Peralta (former Color of Change PAC, Tim Canova for Congress)
  • Stan Williams (African Americans for Bernie, former NNU staff, OWS)

Advisors: Our movement leader friends we are counting on to keep us honest, offer opportunities for this house to be useful, and mentor us.

  • Nadine Bloch (Direct Action trainer, puppeteer, author) DC
  • Becky Bond ( Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016, Co-author of Rules for Revolutionaries)
  • Rapi Castillo (founder, Progressive Coders Network)
  • Libero Della Piana (Director of Digital Organizing, People‚Äôs Action)
  • Zack Exley ( Founder, Brand New Congress, Former Senior Advisor to Bernie2016)
  • Maria Svart (Director, Democratic Socialists of America)
  • Leewana Thomas (OUR Walmart, Former co-director of United Students Against Sweatshops)
  • Nomiki Konst ( Surrogate for Bernie Sanders, Host of SXMProgressContributor CBSN live )
  • Jennifer Flynn Walker (Walker Strategies, former Health GAP, VocalNY)
  • Billy Wimsatt (Director, Movement 2016, Gamechangers, VoteMob)

Logistics: The folks helping us raise money, hold the rental contract, offer legal support, and keep us out of trouble. (Our attorneys have asked not to be listed publicly.)

[Note: organizations listed for identification purposes only!]