The last two weeks have been anything but quiet–a quick glance at a newspaper/your twitter feed will tell you that. At District 13, we are continuing our efforts to make sure the people’s voice is heard.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we are preparing for a number of events coming up this month. This coming weekend is the Tax March, occurring in over a hundred cities across the U.S. demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns. Members of District 13 will be playing an active role in amplifying the Tax March in D.C., as well as the March for Science the following weekend to millions of viewers via the Millennials for Revolution social media pages.

We are currently hosting a number of artists from the People’s Climate March taking place at the end of this month. This week, we are taking part in an event hosted by NYC Light Brigade and in a precursor to the Climate March to promote the exciting activities taking place in D.C. on April 29.

Within the next couple weeks we are expecting a visit from members of Coal River Mountain Watch from West Virginia. Members of District 13’s Action Faction will accompany them as they go to Capitol Hill to confront Joe Manchin about the health and environmental issues facing their community.

As you can see, we’ve got a busy month ahead but we are excited to keep up the fight! Once again, we encourage you to share our application with those you think may be interested, as well as our donation link, and to continue sending us any suggestions you may have!



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