1clickrxshop.com Review – No One Knows Exactly Why it Has Closed Down

1clickrxshop.com Review – No One Knows Exactly Why it Has Closed Down

1 Click Rx Shop is an internet-based online pharmacy whose market reach is international, providing medicines to its clients all over the world. Its exact date of origin is unknown but it appears that the site has been operating for quite some time before it was closed down. It came as an unpleasant surprise to many of its clients that it’s no longer in operation because it used to sell cheap meds at affordable costs. No one knows exactly why it has closed down.

Many speculate that it’s because of financial or internal problems but it seems that there’s a deeper reason why 1 Click Rx Shop no longer exists. Some think that it has moved to a different domain but we can’t say for sure as the site left no notice before completely going offline. But one explanation is that the site might have closed because it was forcefully seized by the authorities. 1 Click Rx Shop is not exactly a website which users would call fraudulent as it had lots of customers during its glory days. Its site might have been forcefully seized due to the operation launched by big pharma companies against small online pharmacies such as 1 Click Rx Shop. Ever since meds became available online, corporate drugstore chains have started losing customers to these online pharmacies due to their very affordable medicine prices. To save their businesses, these large corporations have moved to close these drugstores down with the help of various international government agencies and domain registrar companies in a bid to get their customers back. Sadly, this operation was a success and as a result, many online pharmacies simply disappeared without a trace including 1 Click Rx Shop.

When it was still in business, 1 Click Rx Shop boasted of selling quality medications. The products that they sold were sourced from countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey, India, Singapore, and Australia. Pharmaceutical companies from these countries have acted as their direct suppliers, providing them with FDA-approved drugs at wholesale prices which was to the benefit of their customers. Compared to the local pharmacy prices, the prescription drugs that were sourced by 1 Click Rx Shop internationally were up to 90% cheaper. This gave their clients the chance to save big and at the same time, buy large quantities of the medications that they need. Another thing that made it pleasurable for the buyers to shop their meds at 1 Click Rx Shop back then was the fact that it did not require their clients to provide prescriptions. Customers can just choose the medicines that they need and proceed to the checkout page to pay for their orders. It’s a hassle-free experience that allowed many of its clients to save time and money from paying their doctors a visit and obtaining scripts.

Buyers also found it safe to buy meds before at 1 Click Rx Shop as the site used SSL certificates to encrypt all the information that they have sent. Be it personal information or card details, 1 Click Rx Shop made sure that all the details that their clients have filled out in the forms are encrypted to keep it from being intercepted by dangerous elements on the web. 1 Click Rx Shop also kept the information sent by their clients confidential to protect their privacy on the web.

In sending the order of their customers, 1 Click Rx Shop used discreet and non-marked packaging for confidentiality purposes. Only the customers have the right to know what their orders and that’s the reason why 1 Click Rx Shop kept it private. Refunds and reshipments were also guaranteed by 1 Click Rx Shop to their clients back when it was still active. This assurance gave its clients the confidence that whatever happened to their orders during its shipping, 1 Click Rx Shop will take full responsibility.

1clickrxshop.com Reviews

Due to the lack of third-party reviews for the site, what we can only retrieve are on-site reviews that were on its page before it had closed down. Third-party reviews could have been much better as those reviews are transparent and unbiased. Though these on-site reviews are positive, we cannot take them as 100% genuine as there’s a good chance that these reviews are fake, fabricated by the website itself to make it appear legit. Still, let’s have a look at these testimonials.

1 Click Rx Shop User Reviews
1 Click Rx Shop User Reviews

The review of John from Wellington is about how pleased he is with the wide selection of products which are offered by 1 Click Rx Shop. He used to use a different brand of ED medication but after using the brand that he bought from the site, he was happy that it was a better fit for his needs.

Eric from London shared in his review about how he always bought expensive branded drugs for years and it never crossed his mind how much cheaper the generic versions of those meds were. After shopping at 1 Click Rx Shop, only then did he realize that it was possible for him to save big. The price difference was so huge that he decided to stay with 1 Click Rx Shop as his medicine source.

1clickrxshop.com Reviews 2018

The site of 1 Click Rx Shop is already closed and there are no more reviews available for it. The only remaining information about the site can only be found on the web archives and accessing its domain name will simply give the customers a blank page. Some website reviews for 1clickrxshop.com can be found on the internet but as for user testimonials, there are no more.

1clickrxshop.com Coupon Codes

Membership has a benefit at 1clickrxshop.com as customers got an outright 10% discount on every order that they have made when they logged in.

1clickrxshop.com Discount

This discount applied regardless of the amount of purchase that they have made. 1clickrxshop.com also offered free shipping in some of its items, giving its clients more savings opportunity.


1clickrxshop.com used to be a source where customers freely bought prescription drugs, spending only small amounts of money for them. But the site is already closed and speculations are it was seized due to the crackdown made by large pharma companies against small online pharmacy sites that sold affordable drugs. For other reliable medicine sources on the web, customers can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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